ALDI Has A Xbox One S Bundle For $279 This Saturday

ALDI Has A Xbox One S Bundle For $279 This Saturday
Image: ALDI

If you’re after a cheap Xbox One S, this is a legitimately good bundle.

Available from ALDI stores this Saturday, you can get an Xbox One S 500GB for $279. You’re not just getting the console though: it comes with Forza Horizon 3, a stonking good game in its own right, and the Rare Replay package (which has games varying from great to Why Am I Playing This In 2017).

As is the case with ALDI’s tech deals, it’s only available for one day and it’s only available in store. That means you’ll probably have to sacrifice a bit of dignity and elbow your way past people you’d ordinarily give up a seat on the train for. Seriously, Saturday mornings at ALDI can get rough. But right now, this is probably the best Xbox One S bundle going around.

If your car is somehow capable, ALDI will also be selling 60″ 4K LCD TVs for $799. There’s better bang for buck from Kogan’s 55″ TVs, but they don’t have a 60″ offering and all of their 65″ TVs will set you back $899 or more. Still, it’s nice to have options.


  • $279 for the Xbox One S bundle at Aldi supermarkets this weekend? Well my parents already own a 4K TV and a 4K Blu-Ray player but a 500GB 4K Xbox One S that includes Forza Horizon 3 and Rare Replay with British gaming developer Rare celebrating 30 years without Donkey Kong I’m sorry to say Microsoft but I don’t own an Xbox one I’m more of a Nintendo fan but I still can’t understand why British gaming developer Rare decided to bring both Banjo Kazooie and Conker into the Xbox one version of Rare Replay Aldi it’s a very good deal for an Xbox One S but on second thought I’ll have some time to think about it.

    • I’m sorry James, can you try that again… I can’t completely understand what you were trying to convey.

      $279 is a pretty good deal on this as the XB1 makes a great media device on top of its gaming capabilities.

  • OK OK maybe I will get the Xbox One S bundle for $279 at Aldi for tomorrow only but I still can’t figure out why British gaming developer Rare didn’t add Donkey Kong or even 007 Goldeneye to the Xbox One exclusive Rare Replay but still it is a pretty good deal if your in the market for an Xbox One and don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a new Xbox One X coming out later this year.

    • Because while those games were made by Rare, they were made under license and the original IP is owned by other companies, while Rare is now owned by MSoft

    • Mate. Please, please. Pretty please.

      Use some punctuation and break your mega sentences into smaller ones and paragraphs.

      It makes it much easier to understand you.

  • I was going to attempt to buy one, but now that it’s all over OzBargin and Kotaku I’m not going to bother. Not getting up at god knows I the morning to line up to beat the scalpers.

  • I got to Aldi really early.
    Nobody was there. Then at the last 30 minutes before opening people started arriving.
    They were supposed to stand in a line.
    Not happening. Everybody crammed like cattle in front of the double doors.

    Luckily since I was there first, I was right in front near the doors.

    When they opened. It was like a stampede.

    People running everywhere. A lot of people wanted the cheap ultra HD tv. But like me many more wanted the xbox one S bundle.

    Anyway I noticed a memeber of staff standing amongst the crowd. I asked her where the xbox one S consoles were.
    She told me “that’s the only one” pointing to a unit sitting in a glass case.

    I noticed the case was open and reached in and grabbed it.

    People were really angry I got it. And even angrier that after all the advertising. They only had one console in the whole store.

    I was lucky. But just one console is ridiculous.

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