How To Watch Rick And Morty Season 3 In Australia

How To Watch Rick And Morty Season 3 In Australia
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If you’re looking forward to the next season of Rick and Morty, you’re not the only one. But if you’d like to find a way to watch the series legally, then we’ve got your back.

The third season of Rick and Morty returns proper today, after Adult Swim aired the first episode over April’s Fools. Titled “The Rickshank Redemption”, that episode guest starred Nathan Fillion, although the episode was only restreamed online for 24 hours before Adult Swim pulled it offline.

If you need to catch up on the latest episode, however, you can find episodes floating around on YouTube, like this one:

As for the rest of the season, here’s all the details below. And if you’d like to catch up with the latest episode before then, you can check out our recap of “Rickmancing the Stone” here.

Adult Swim

Image: IMDB / Rick and Morty

All episodes can be streamed direct through the Adult Swim website, although you’ll need to use a VPN. One new episode will be aired every Monday afternoon at 1:30 PM (11:30 AM AWST, 12:30 PM AWST), with episode two streaming later today through the Adult Swim website.


Image: IMDB / Rick and Morty

If you can access Netflix’s US or UK services, you’ll be able to watch the latest Rick and Morty season from there. There’s one catch though: Netflix will be one week behind Adult Swim, with the service airing one episode a week until the season concludes in early October.

It’s not confirmed yet whether Netflix Australia will have the third season as well on the same terms as the US and UK, although the first episode is already viewable locally. We’re checking with Netflix’s local representatives, however, and we’ll keep you posted. (Thanks, TeeJ.)

Netflix Australia has confirmed the airing dates for Rick and Morty in Australia:

Rick and Morty: Season 3: Episode 2 – 8/6/2017
Rick and Morty: Season 3: Episode 3 – 8/13/2017
Rick and Morty: Season 3: Episode 4 – 8/20/2017
Rick and Morty: Season 3: Episode 5 – 8/27/2017

Netflix added in a follow-up email that episodes from September onwards are yet to be confirmed and subject to change, although for now the understanding is each new episode will air weekly until the season finishes.

Hulu Live

Image: IMDB / Rick and Morty

Much like Adult Swim, you’ll need access to a VPN or some other way of getting around Hulu’s region blocking. Unfortunately, Hulu hasn’t been able to confirm whether they have the rights to broadcast older episodes. If you have access to Hulu Live, you can watch the episodes at 1:30 PM AEST when they air.

As for afterwards, a Hulu representative responded on Facebook that “a new season is typically added once it has aired completely on TV”, meaning that Hulu users will only be able to catch up with the season has finished in October. And that’s not mentioning the fact that a Hulu Live subscription costs $US40/month at a minimum, making it the least practical option for Australians who need their Rick and Morty fix.

So those are currently all the legal ways you can watch the latest season of Rick and Morty. Will you be following every episode as it comes out, or will you be waiting until the whole season is out so you can binge in one go?


    • Nothing illegal about using a VPN to circumvent region restrictions in Australia.

      It is however potentially viewed as a civil tort as when you sign up for the streaming service, you likely agree to not do that as part of the terms of service.

      Chance of being sued for it though, almost zero.

      • The site you’re streaming it from might be breaking the law though. If they’ve negotiated the right to stream the show to people in the US and then start streaming it to people in Australia, they are infringing copyright.

        If they did get sued and managed to identify you, they could probably try to recover costs by suing you though.

        There’s a lot of “ifs” in that chain though, so you’re right that it is likely nothing will happen.

        • False. Using US services via the use of a VPN service is not illegal and is actual quite legal thanks to our parralell import laws in Australia. All you are breaking at most is the services terms of service and all the can do then is cancel your account. You are breaking no laws in Australia at all. And copyright infringent is a civil matter. Not a criminal matter.

          • Using a VPN to access a foreign streaming service crosses two legal jurisdictions. You’re right that you are most likely in the clear under Australian law.

            Under US law, it is less clear. It is possible that your access to the service would be considered unauthorised, or to exceed your level of authorisation (even though the software decided to start streaming you the show). That opens up the possibility of criminal charges under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

            The chance of this happening is fairly low, since (a) it seems unlikely that charges would be laid, and (b) you’d need to be extradited from Australia.

          • It’s not even worth chasing. Just like when someone leaves their FB open and someone puts a funny face on it. They never get charged under the computer fraud and abuse act.

          • The CFAA is a pretty bad law, all things considered: it gets applied really unevenly, often when the prosecutor wants to throw the book at someone. I agree that you’re not likely to be prosecuted for watching Netflix through a VPN or similar.

            My point was that it isn’t strictly true that this would only ever be a civil matter.

          • False. Calling someone else’s comment false does not make it so, especially if you failed to read it properly. James did not say it was illegal for you to use a VPN, he said the company that is streaming it to you might be doing so illegally according to their arrangement with their provider, and they may on-sue you to recover any costs. Yes that is civil law, no one said otherwise.

  • Episode one is up right now on Australian Netflix. So, I guess we’ll be getting it on the weekly delay after all.

  • Option 4 – Install inter-dimensional cable box to connect to a universe where it’s properly available in Australia.

      • You have to be careful though, I had an angry little man come through the portal screaming about eye holes and attacking me relentlessly.

        • Haven’t gotten around to watching Rick and Morty yet so sorry in advance for not getting that reference.

        • You don’t wanna go there. It’s also where Star Wars Episode 1 – 3 is good and the rest is rubbish and the only good thing about Star Trek is the fifth movie.

          • I’m not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that I laughed at that. I’m assuming proud is the better choice.

          • It depends. In this Universe did the prequels get better or did the originals get worse?

          • Sorry, that is what I meant to say. The originals were crap and the prequel movies were gold.

          • That’s fine though. Because we can combine the universes and get 6 good Star Wars movies 😀

          • NO! DON’T!

            [Wave form collapses and all form of entertainment besides the Kardashians disappears]

            Urgh. This is why you never mix other universes.

  • witht the netflix au airing times, mind using the australian calender format (dd/mm/yyyy) and not the american one, as only australians will find it useful, and its a site

  • Ridiculous. Just torrent it.

    Would happily pay for it in Australia… but I don’t want to wait a week, or fiddle around with geoblocking.

    • So basically your attitude is “I want it.. NOW!”? I’m happy to wait the extra few days and use a legal method.

    • awww it’s so cute seeing a little child look forward to his cartoon so much, he is willing to look passed all the work and talent that went into making it, overlooking the fact that doing so you don’t care about Intellectual Property. You just have to possess someone else hard work because you can’t control your own desire to see it.

      Sorry lost the ability to respect people who torrent for , it’s not the 00’s anymore, everything is just excuses

        • I dont think you understand how torrents work. It is not just a case of YOU accessing it, you are seeding other peoples access for it as well. Are you sure all of them are just as paid up?

          together you are all acting as a mass distribution source for something you do not have the distribution rights for.

          • For a generation that’s had instant gratification repeatedly supplied, the carefactor would be zero.

            You seem to be underestimating the economic reasons at play here, which are surprisingly simple. Consumer wants a product supplied by Company A, but Company A chooses to delay the supply to various customers. Those customers, with the option to either wait for supply, or go to Source B, and choose to go to that competitor.

            Its not much more complex than that. They want something, its not being supplied, so they find an alternative. If Company A wants to keep their customers, they need to discourage the choice of finding a competitor, and shutting them down doesn’t seem to have been very effective. Basic rules of supply and demand are at work here.

            The world has changed, its that simple, and the smart companies are at least trying to keep up. Adult Swim is better than the more traditional media suppliers, but still has a ways to go to match that desire for instant gratification.

          • The alternative to watching R&M season 3 now is to not watch it now. That could mean watching season 2 now, watching season 3 later, or watching Archer instead. R&M season 3 was also not available 6 years ago, did you pirate it then? No?! Then HOWEVER did you survive???

          • @grunt

            Exactly. It’s just middlemen being middlemen. I can’t blame them – but artificial gating/geo-blocking is archaic at this stage.

            I’ll still support the content creator in some way. Either subscribing to a service which will eventually host the show – or buying the blu-rays. But I don’t feel like waiting because I live in Australia.

          • So? I pay for Netflix, Foxtel Now and Stan.

            I would happily purchase it on iTunes of Google Play if it was available.
            It’s not – so I’m going to Torrent it.

            Geoblocking is absolute, total bullsh_t.

            I hope you have a great day.

          • No I think it’s you that don’t understand how torrents work – “seeding” is optional and although considered poor form it can be easily disabled via the torrent program.

        • that really isnt the point of Intellectual property. Maybe if you have given the world works of art or entertainment you would understand the value of such a thing, and why needy little pirates who believe they own the rights to have access to your creations are justified, simply because they ‘want it’, really arent worthy of respect.

          • I bet, I am guessing just as much as I enjoy reading the same old excuses, justifications and the like people put up because they believe a tv show is a life necessity that they have to access immediately.

          • @blakeavon

            You can argue all you want. Timed-release / geo-blocking is nasty corporate bullsh_t designed to take advantage of mooks. Decent content creators would want nothing to do with this nonsense. Or perhaps you believe content creators are involved in the boardroom distribution and licensing discussions?

            This concept of reselling content over and over and over is madness. And IF you’re going to take that dark path – at least make sure it’s freely available at the same time in all regions. Don’t straight lock people out.

            Especially when people have simple options to circumvent such _uckery.

      • The copyright White Knight has arrived!

        We dont care if you dont respect us. We just see you as some pleb with his head so far up his own rectum he can describe the inside of his colon.

        Oh im gonna pirate rick and morty tonight and you wont respect me any more! OH WHAT EVER WILL I DO NOW! 🙂

        • *shrugs* would rather be a white knight (I mean, is that supposed to be an insult?! because it really isnt) than someone who resorts to using words like rectum, colon to try and win a conversation with a stranger online, while desperately trying to sound like the cleverest person in a room. I never attacked anyone personally with my comment about respect, merely their actions,, you however (as predictable as me being white knight) go straight for the personal attack, AGAIN.

      • I pay for netflix. I pay for foxtel. I’d pay for any site that would give this to me as soon as they can so I can join in the discussion with the rest of the world. Yeah a lot of creative work goes into it and yes I want to reward them so I’ll buy the blu ray (yes I still do this) when it comes out. I shed no tears however to those who make the decision to distribute it like this. It’s not the 90s anymore, everything gets spoiled, everything gets discussed on a 24/7 cycle.

    • The problem with waiting a week until it is released is spoilers! I pay for a Netflix account, but I will still be torrenting it when it is released to avoid having it ruined for me online.

    • Plenty of one-click browser extensions out there for VPNs. It must be soooo much work adding a one click solution

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