An Honest Trailer For Castlevania

Image: Youtube (Honest Trailers)

With the Netflix series in the works, it made sense for Honest Trailers to have a crack at Castlevania. All of Castlevania.

It's a bit sad knowing that the classic Konami series is probably doomed to pachinko arcades at this point, considering its contribution to gaming. But the Honest Trailer is a good look back at the depth and breadth of the series - 41 games over three decades.

It's not a particularly deep dive into the structure of the games; if you want that, there are dedicated YouTubers who have done better. But the video does make a neat point how underdeveloped Dracula is as a character. Maybe the Netflix series will go into that.

Kid Dracula really was a weird game. Hell, in the first ten minutes you fight a chook and something wearing a cape with a flipped manji that's easily confused for a swastika.



    Man I hope Bloodstained is good. Order of Ecclesia was so long ago.

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