Anime Characters Have Freaky Teeth Construction 

[Image: keirenkun]

Illustrator Keirenkun wondered about the front teeth construction of your typical anime girl. The result is this illustration. If I have to see it, you do too.



    Yet you're fine with her eyeballs existing in some kind of non-euclidean space?

      Look, this is probably unwelcome smartarsery, but you know we LIVE on a non-Euclidian surface right? A curved surface (like a planet) is an elliptic geometry, where parallel lines get closer together the further you travel.

      Also, Euclidian geometry is a formalised geometry, it doesn't precisely model reality, it just makes the maths a lot easier.

      The "surface" of the universe in higher dimensions is still a source of debate isn't it? I heard it was maybe a donut, or a saddle, or like a little piggy... oooh who's a cute universe? YOU are aintcha? YOU are, aintcha?

        No, that's genuinely interesting. Like, i'd suspect, most people, I'd always thought of non-euclidean geometry as a forms or spaces that can't exist in within the rules of three dimensions.

    My cousin when she smiles you can see her mouth is like 20% teeth and 80% gums so they could just be like that haha

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