Assassination Plot Discovered By Video Game Forum

A 23-year-old man has been arrested after his plot to try and assassinate the French President was uncovered by the users of a video game forum.

The man, who was arrested last week, threatened police with a knife when they arrived at his home, and had planned to kill the newly-elected President Macron during France's Bastille Day celebrations later this month, which US President Donald Trump is expected to attend.

Police were alerted to his plot by the members of an unnamed video game forum, where the would-be assassin had visited and enquired about where he could buy a "a Kalashnikov-type weapon" to use for carrying out an attack. As The Guardian report, following the user's tips to authorities the self-described far right nationalist was charged with "plotting to commit a terrorist act".

This is the second time the man has been charged in relation to terrorism, following a 2016 arrest for apologie du terrorisme after he publicly supported the actions of Norwegian mass-murdered Anders Brevik, who in 2011 shot and killed 77 people, most of them children.

After his arrest, the man said that he had wanted to assassinate Macron in order to make a "political statement", and that he had also wanted to kill "blacks, Arabs, Jews and homosexuals."


    Man is clearly bonkers. Wonder if he was asking dr Mario for health advice instead of seeing a psychiatrist.

      Why are white people Bo kers and only dark skinned people terrorists?
      "Political statement" through violence is the dictionary definition of terrorism. Doesn't make someone insane, just evil.

        I'd say he is:
        Mentally unwell, a douche bag, misguided, easily led, also not very smart if he's asking ransoms on a message board to get him guns!

        'Evil' is a vague and somewhat meaningless way to describe someone like this. It's the sort of language people like George bush used to describe terrorists.

          So somebody who wants to murder a bunch of people is "a good person who's just misunderstood"? But only if they are white?

            Well lone wolf attackers who were screaming Islamic extremist rhetoric right up to the end were portrayed as ‘mentally ill’ by media like The Guardian, so this argument doesn’t hold water.

            I don’t really know if assassinsting someone is terrorism either - unless it intends to incite generalised fear to further a political agenda. I mean Lee Harvey Oswald or John Wilkes Booth aren’t labelled terrorists for assassinations despite political motivations.

        Yeah, there's a real disconnect in western culture with that. Anders Brevik was a white Christian terrorist, no matter how much some people want to cover up the fact his actions were religiously motivated. This guy would have been one too if he hadn't been caught.

        Because of a purposeful and disgusting attempt to align the word terrorism with the religion of Islam by politicians and media.

        It's no different than some religions being able to distance themselves from fringe branches and being able to all them cults, while others are depicted as the sum of those fringe groups.

        The scariest part about all this is when you begin to follow the money and assess who benefits.
        It's fairly horrifying.

          Significant Terrorist attacks in the west in recent times have generally been conducted by Islamic extremists though - for whom religion is a huge part of their ideology. Of course the media will link these attacks to Islamic fundamentalism.

            that is true, however if we look at 3 latests attacks in London, 2 were caused by Islamist terrorists and one was cause by an Anti Islam terrorist, however only 2 of those attacks recieved multi-page articles in the papers for days as well as nonstop coverage for days, while one didnt even make the front page or even recieve a double page spread

            It's as @thyco says, the recent UK attacks are a perfect example with the first two attacks labelled as terrorism and the third called an 'incident'

      No he is not "Bonkers", he is a far right terrorist. I'm sick of people saying white terrorists are mentally ill when they are nothing of the sort.

      Evil is not a vague way to describe some like that, it's perfectly accurate. A person who wants to kill "blacks, Arabs, Jews and homosexuals" for no other reason than personal bigotry is evil.

    The intended actions of this 'bonkers' individual reflects the expression of thousands of alt right morons on US social media... and it's getting worse daily...

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