Atlus Announces Persona 5 Anime Coming To Japan In 2018

There's a Persona 5 anime coming. Atlus announced it earlier today. It's called Persona 5 the Animation and there's already a short trailer.

Atlus appears to be producing the show with A-1 Pictures and plans for it to begin airing in 2018, two years after the game was originally released in Japan. Here's the teaser via Anime New Network (the YouTube video is currently region locked):

PERSONA5 the Animation Teaser PV by pKjd

There's no news yet on any plans to localise the show for Western audiences. Persona 5 The Animation: The Day Breakers was released prior to the game in Japan last fall as a single episode prologue. It's currently available to stream on Crunchyroll and you can read our review here.


    It begins. I hope we get a rhythm cooking game this time!

    Well I certainly didn't see this coming!

    Ah ha. Ha. No, but really, everyone saw this coming. I suspect there will be a dancing game, a fighting game, at least 2 mobile/portable spin-off titles mixing P4 and maybe even P3 characters with P5, and at some point there will be a P5 "super-edition"

    All of which is fine, really - this is what fans want, for the most part, and it's fine. It's just so predictable.

    Well Atlus since Persona 5 is going to be a Japanese Anime movie in 2018 next year I hope you keep me updated on whether you do plan to port Persona 5 on to the Nintendo Switch even I don't own a PS4 because you know Nintendo is working with you Atlus to create Shin Megami Tensei and that Nintendo is working with you Atlus along with other third party publishers to create over 80 Nintendo Switch games that are currently in development.

    Atlus proceeds to not say the name of their protagonist because they are still thinking about it. The chance of it being Akira Kurusu somehow doesn't seem likely.

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