Aussie Qualifies For Quake Champions Regional With 200+ Ping

Aussie Qualifies For Quake Champions Regional With 200+ Ping

Quake is a hard enough game as is, and that’s with a good ping. Now imagine playing in an international qualifier for a $US1 million tournament on 200+ ping.

That’s the path that Daniel “dandaking” De Sousa walked on the weekend, carving his way through several Americans to qualify for the North American regional finals. Playing for Just A Minute (JAM) under the name “astroboy”, the Aussie Quake veteran managed to earn a spot amongst North America’s top 32 players.

The regional finals are being played online as well, so the chances of dandaking qualifying through that gauntlet are much, much lower. Nonetheless, you have to appreciate someone who can qualify through conditions like these:

And have a look at dandaking’s railgun accuracy on almost 280ms at the end of the first map:

Here’s the final frag, capped with a shotgun and a dial up internet quality ping of 230ms+.

Absolutely ridiculous. The qualification is a bit of vindication for dandaking as well, who played in the first North American qualifier only to be knocked out in the third round. A small contingent of Australians have taken part in both qualifiers so far, but dandaking is the only one so far to get within a whisker of qualifying, let alone actually qualifying.

After all, it’s Quake on 200+ ping. That should be astonishingly hard on any given day, but even more so in a tournament where North America’s best players are assembling for the largest Quake Champions tournament on offer. Dandaking now has the option of playing the regional qualifiers in North America, if he or a sponsor can stump up for the flights to get him there. Failing that, he can try his hand at the offline tournament at QuakeCon next month.

You can rewatch the whole of dandaking’s qualifying match below. The first map starts at 10h 31m.


  • Bloody impressive. I play Battlefield 4 with more than that, but it’s not s twitch game like Quake.
    I’ve had a few games of Rainbow Six Siege at or above 200 and it’s nigh on impossible to play.

  • I guess the question is, will he be as good on a respectable connection, or has he become so used to the lag that its how he plays…

    • Dandaking is a national Quake champion and he’s placed highly in Quake internationals before (like 5th-6th). He’ll slay just fine.

    • That’s not how it works. One can improve their own game on bad ping, but as long as your connection is delayed, you are massively handicapped. Also, he usually plays on Australian servers against Australian players and decided to use this qualifier as a bit of practice, so it’s not like he’s been practicing on high ping. Hell, he only downloaded Quake Champions a couple weeks ago… He’s just several levels above anyone he played in this qualifier due to his QuakeLive ability.

  • After all, it’s Quake on 200+ ping. That should be astonishingly hard on any given day,

    Oh memories of the days of dialup…

    “OH MAN I’VE GOT 250!!!! Thank god I’m below 500!!!!”

    • Oh man, reminds me of the days of raid tanking vanilla WoW with 500ms.

      Obviously nothing nearly as twitchy as Quake, but at times it was very much a ‘get good at predicting things or kill your whole raid’ sort of deal.

      • Oh yeah. Used to play Counterstrike on dialup lol. Predictive shooting was where it’s at lol. “He’s running at the door! SPRAY THE DOORWAY WITH ROUNDS!” You’d do it, he’d appear there due to lag and BAM, done.

        • i remember trying to do Alterac Valley on 56k dial up, it was all fine and good until the horde got to the bridge or alliance got the cave leading to the horde base, then the 40v40 in such a small area with spell effects and everything going off would kill my connection

  • used to play sniper in quakeworld team fortress with 500ms ping. i got accused of cheating a lot 😛 not my fault the idiots kept running in straight lines

  • “Dial up internet quality” – Really, the speed is irrelevant, it’s the server’s position and the route taken to get there. I’m on FTTH but if I connect to a NA server my ping would still be awful, the fatter pipe doesn’t suddenly make the hops faster.

  • i often only play australian servers or asia because of the lag

    have beaten many americans on 300 ping tho

  • The foreigners have the connections but us aussies have the skills 😉

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