Australia’s Getting A League Of Legends Reality Show

Called The Next Gamer, the show will place 10 players in a house in Sydney where they will battle it out for a contract with one of Australia’s best League of Legends teams.

Applications for the show, which will be broadcast on YouTube, have gone online here. The site will select 40 players at first, each of which will “battle it out online” over 5 days to win one of the final 10 spots. It’s not said whether the challenges will be entirely League of Legends based, but the final 10 players will be given a range of mental and physical tasks to supplement their in-game requirements.

“In a live finale The Next Gamer team will face an OPL to prove their worth,” the landing page adds. “The gamer that has shown they have what it takes to go pro will go home with $10,000 in prize money and a six month contract with the one of Australia’s best League of Legends teams.”

Anyone seeking to apply will have to supply their preferred roles, links to their social media accounts, previous competitive experience, a video application and current League of Legends rank. “Successful shortlisted applicants must be available for an online qualifier from August 11th – 15th,” the application states. “Finalists must be available August 19 – September 6 to join us at The Next Gamer.”

The final stage of the show will see five players form a cohesive unit to square off against Dire Wolves, winners of the most recent OPL Split and the subsequent playoffs. The show will also be partnering with Click Management, a talent agency founded by Australian YouTuber Muselk.

Update: The details on the website have been taken down, and the site simply has a “spawning soon” logo on the front page:

We’ll keep you posted as more details become available.


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