Australia’s Playing In The Overwatch World Cup, Right Now

Australia’s Playing In The Overwatch World Cup, Right Now

The Overwatch World Cup is taking place in Sydney this weekend, featuring Sweden, Japan, Finland, Italy, Portugal and Vietnam. And, of course, Australia.

Australia will be playing their group stage matches throughout today and tomorrow, squaring off against Portugal, Italy and Sweden. Australia is playing right now against Italy, and they’re 1-0 up after taking the first match on King’s Row. Unlike last year, the Aussies have a much better chance of qualifying for the finals at Blizzcon this year, although the match against Sweden should be particularly hard.

The news that the Australians got a lot of practice against the South Koreans (who didn’t want to practice rival nations) could come in handy later in the tournament. We’ll be attending the event ourselves from tomorrow, so if you’re around, say hi!


  • That’s awesome, enjoy Alex! I wonder what attending an event like an eSports tournament would be like, it looked like fun on Twitch with us wrecking Italy.

  • It is notable a lot of the Australian team are composed of Blank Esports who just finished 2nd in the Blizzard Asian Pacific Championships in Taiwan.

  • I missed it, how did we finish up? I have more confidence in Australias chances this year.

      • Italy was pretty ordinary though. The match against Sweden will be the big teller – if they win that, a trip to Blizzcon becomes a proper possibility.

        • ordinary or not our team work has to be better this year than last right? I watched Swedens game, they didn’t do as good as I was expecting. Jet lag maybe?

          • Yeah, it’s miles ahead. Our team is basically Blank Esports, so it’s actually a team this time instead of a pug selected by popular vote.

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