Battlegrounds Is Getting A New Desert Map

Image: Twitter (@BattleRoyaleMod)

If you're sick of the ArmA-esque map that serves as the island of death in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, never fear. The game's getting a new desert map.

The official Battlegrounds account tweeted out two work in progress shots of the desert map early this morning. It's got a touch of the Fallout vibes to it - there's a lot of organes, cacti, leafy foliage and deep, brown sand everywhere.

Image: Twitter (@BattleRoyaleMod)

It'll be interesting to see how many destructible shacks and huts are dropped into the new map, and how much visibility you'll have in sunset versus the rain versus a sunny day. The two shots don't show a great deal of tall trees or shade for players to hide in, which is usually a must in the latter stages of the game when you're trying not to get shot by four people at once.

What would you like to see in the new Battlegrounds map?


    Awesome, I've heard there is also a winter map coming...

      Finally I'll have a reason to wear all the white t-shirts and jeans I keep picking up in those reward crates.

    I'm glad the developers went for a more "wild west" desert as opposed to a "middle-eastern" or African desert. It makes the map stand out.

    it reminded me of GTA V which is not a bad thing by any means. it looks awesome.
    i hope they do a city map too with office buildings and such have flying foxes between roof tops, destructible buildings possibly if certain conditions are set up, maybe as a game mode. anyways, its looking good.

    I'm hoping that Bicycle in the first pic isn't just for show.

    My wishlist for this game is a night mode, with floodlights, flashlights night scopes.
    Would also like to see claymores

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