Bayonetta On The Switch Would Be Great

Bayonetta On The Switch Would Be Great

Image credit: Platinum

This is an image the newly opened Platinum Games Twitter account put out yesterday, compliments of artist and designer Yusuke Hashimoto. It shows Bayonetta 1 & 2 split into what looks like the Nintendo Switch’s neon-coloured Joy-Con. Or maybe we’re just seeing things.

Bayonetta 2 didn’t sell all that well. Mostly because it was on the Wii U which also didn’t sell great. While I’m as leery as anyone about the Switch falling into a rut of remasters and Wii U ports, this one would be worth bringing over.


  • Bayonetta 2 should be where its supposed to be, on consoles and PC’s good enough to do the game true justice.

    Pity that the rights for it are probably in massive limbo due to the Sega\Nintendo deal over 2.

    • Unfortunately Nintendo investment in Bayo2 means it’ll never see it on anything that could do it true justice

      • Given that Sega still owns the Bayonetta intellectual property, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some clause in the agreement that would allow the game to be released on non-Nintendo devices at some point. Probably not any time soon, but it’s probably not impossible.

  • I bought a WiiU solely for Bayonetta 2; it was the only game I played on the system until Breath of the Wild released.

    If Bayo 3 is released on the Switch, I guess I’ll have to do the same thing again.

    • So I wasn’t the only one? A great game, bring it across to switch so i can play it on the go.

  • I’d like more spectacle fighters on the Switch. At the moment the lineup seems to be filled with turn based cutesy anime games that aren’t really my cup of tea.

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