Breath Of The Wild Characters Are Terrified Of The Tingle DLC Costume

Image: Nintendo

Breath of the Wild added some awesome outfits with some new downloadable content, but none are as terrifying as Tingle's costume. The mere sight sends NPCs into a panic, allowing Link to terrorise towns up and down the Hyrule countryside. You can watch the mischief in this video.

It's OK Tingle, some day the world will understand you.


    Is that an Arbok on the back of Tingle's shirt?

    It really should be an Ekans, AKA best Pokemon.

    I've managed to merge funds into my Nintendo Switch but wearing that Tingle outfit would be terrifying but still OK and tomorrow I'm heading up to Bendigo to get the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass for $30 which is not too shabby and hopefully find more koroks and collect more masks and outfits and the Trial of the Sword even better can't wait for that but that Tingle outfit would be terrifying for me but still OK.

      I'm so interested in where this bot gets its text.

        I'm not convinced he's a bot...
        I'm also not convinced he's not a bot, so...

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