Call Of Duty Pros Defend Commentator Who Was Kink Shamed

Call Of Duty Pros Defend Commentator Who Was Kink Shamed

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On Sunday night, Call of Duty commentator Jack Campbell announced his departure from the esports scene and his plan to deactivate his Twitter account. Campbell’s love life has become a topic de rigeur for Call of Duty fans in the past month, in spite of Campbell’s attempts to stave off fans’ speculation. The situation came to a head this past weekend when a woman close to Campbell revealed screenshots of private conversations that implied the Call of Duty commentator has a foot fetish.

The English 20-year-old’s star has been rising in esports this year; he got tapped to commentate for the English-speaking broadcasts of CWL Paris and CWL Birmingham. Last night, however, he claimed to bid farewell to his CoD career in a Twitter video, in which he referred to the screencaps by saying:

“There’s probably so many people that are tweeting and laughing right now that have more fucked up fetishes than I do. You know what? Nobody’s perfect … I’m not perfect.”

He went on to describe how the scrutiny on his private life and the comments made about him have led him to withdraw from his burgeoning career in esports:

“This has now affected my personal life, my family, and me personally. And that’s a no from me. That’s where it stops… It’s too much for me now, and it’s to the point of bullying.”

Other prominent members of the Call of Duty scene have stepped up to encourage Campbell to reconsider his departure and to speak out against bullying.

Pro Call of Duty player Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall recorded a video response of his own, in which he said,

“I’ve got a dodgy fetish, let me tell you that for something, and it’s worse than yours … Ignore ’em. Don’t even react to it … Don’t be disappearing. You’re a sound bloke!”

Skrapz then uploaded a second video in which he described his supposed “dodgy fetish”: “Fuck this. I’m laying it all out. I love it when a bird ties you up, sits on your head, and farts.” He then bursts out laughing.

Whether Scrapz’s video response was a joke or not, it inspired several other Call of Duty pros to come out with their own fetishes in an effort to dilute Campbell’s embarrassment and encourage their peer to return to esports. CoD pro Rory “Rez” Hunter made a video in which he confessed his crush on Scrapz, then offered his advice to Campbell: “Go to the pub, have a pint, wait for it all to blow over.”

Retired Call of Duty pro Philip “Momo” Whitfield joked that his fetish is foursomes, then he followed that up with a supportive tweet for Campbell: “im not saying everything you have done is perfect and im sure youll agree with that however im against bullying and personal abuse period.”

We’ve reached out to Campbell for comment and will update if we hear back.


  • Are foot fetishes really that weird? I mean, it’s not for me but compared to other kinks it seems absolutely tame.

    • Nah it’s not weird, it’s the most common fetish and there is a good reason for it!

      The part of the brain that is associated with arousal is right next to the part of the brain that deals with your feet, so a few crossed neurons is all it takes.

      I think it’s an age thing, anyone over 30 wouldn’t care. But his age demographic are still young. I mean most of them will hassle a friend for “taking care of himself” then proceed to do the same thing.

      As an aside, Quintin Taranteno (SP) has a thing for feet, go back and watch his movies then you will see.

      Finally for the record, feet aren’t my thing

      • So true in high school you’re the loser for treating your self like an amusement park then as you grow older its just normal lol

    • Yeah. I got to the foot part and it’s like really? All that fuss over that. I mean most of the audience has never known a world without internet so that shouldn’t be shocking. I guess they’re just using whatever they can to attack the guy.

    • That was my reaction too. Seriously, anything these days that isn’t abusive or criminal or involve fluids other than the obvious ones… who the hell cares?

  • Dude, embrace it, laugh at yourself and move the hell on.
    Change your nick to Foot Soldier or something.

    Compared to the kinds of perversions that warrant punishment or removal, your a freaking Puritan!

  • People who get to care about your kinks:
    1. Those involved in your sex life.

    That’s all.

  • I do not understand how his fetish has anything to do with his career. That sheila that uploaded the private information should be shunned, maybe someone should upload “defaming” information about her and see how that plays out. Fuck this world that has become what it has, too many things are way too accessible and to be able to share that information with a massive audience is just crazy. I am genuinely worried.

    • I agree that it was a shitty move, but going on to dox or otherwise harass them just ends up perpetuating the same behaviour people were campaigning against. You can’t claim the moral high ground if you do the same thing in turn – and in this modern age of internet flame wars, the moral high ground is invaluable.

      • I wasn’t talking about returning the favor literally but more so talking about how she would have acted/felt if it happened to her.

  • Well it could be worse, remember people vore and scat fetishes are a real thing (though to be honest anyone who is into them must have someting wrong with them).

  • Foot fetishes are very common. I’m a foot guy … but *very* particular. Luckily it’s only a ‘mild’ case of it – so I can take it or leave it. Although I could probably never be with a girl with *ugly* feet

  • I believe this is a good opportunity to remind certain types that this is what the much mocked and hated “SJWs” stand for: the belief that whatever little or big quirk that makes up part of your identity and individuality is not fair game to be made a mockery or demonisation, nor you are to be harassed for it. It is easy to believe that those “snowflakes” only whine about the rights of all the kinds of people that you are not, but the truth is that we all have something that is kind of out of the norm and unique and that when you support the defence of the rights of individuals with concerns different to your own, you are helping build a world where all the rights are respected, including your own.

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