Community Review: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

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There are remasters, and then there are remasters. The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is most certainly the latter.

One of the things that has really surprised me over the last few years is just how high quality some remasters are starting to become. You can give an old game a bit of a spit of polish, a compatibility update, and maybe a few redone textures here and there. People like that. As long as it works just fine on modern systems, people will be happy.

Or you can completely redo the animations, remastered the music, rebuild the 3D models, and really bring an old classic back to life.

New Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Makes The Old Games Better

The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy takes the level data from the three original PlayStation classics and adds new graphics, sounds and challenges. It's not quite a remaster and not really a remake. Whatever it is, it's really good.

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The effort into the Crash remaster reminds me of the love and care that when into Wonder Boy, another top, top effort. But perhaps the best part of the Crash remaster is the controls: having been redone for 2017, the re-release is arguably the best way to play Crash.

How have you found the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy - and were you able to get a copy?


    I've played the first level, would leave it until I at least got perfect on the first level. Plays exactly the way I remember it and looks nice and shiny now. Good job ;)

    So I am still looking for the part where you review the game?
    Seems like you wrote the introduction but forgot to actually review the game should fix that.

      Community Review is a regular where the community/readers write their reviews of a game. Our coverage of the game went up last week; I included the story in the middle of the article.

    Gave my copy of the game a shot over the weekend.

    Needless to say as I have skill whatsoever I got my butt handed to me on a platter with a pint of Guinness.

    But this is the thing, it was frustrating that I lost a life but it was because of my lack of skill and not due to poor design nor programming.

    Thus not only do I forgive this game but once work dies down (it's heating up right now), I'm gonna give it a proper shot starting with the first game.

    On a side note, I finally gave Shovel Knight a shot and might back to that after Crash Bandicoot as the need for precision skill (which I clearly lack) is much higher.

      EDIT: Was meant to say "have no skill" what so ever.

        Do you get the same problem I do where whenever you edit one of your comments on Kotaku it gets stuck in moderation forever?

          From memory it is by default to keep spam bots out. But yes, I make addendum these days as it's just less hassle to leave my mistakes there than correct them as it could be days later and the edited posts are still in moderation.

      I'm in the same boat with you there! The game looks good, plays good and I'm still as bad as ever at platformers.

      But I shall persevere and finish it, eventually!

    Loving it. It's harder than I expected which is great

    10/10 time to git gud. Coloured gems in Crash 1 are brutal!

    Me and a couple of friends played Crash 1 all Friday night and the whole weekend.
    I used to play Crash religiously back when I was a child and playing the remake felt almost the same as I didn't have much trouble completing levels due to muscle memory or whatever.

    By Sunday night we had completed the game, gotten every Gem and got pretty much all of the speedrun relics (in platinum or gold) except for one level ...'The High Road'.
    That level does not work properly, jumping off the stupid ass turtles doesn't work the same as in the original game. We have to resort to jumping on top of the rope and that requires some practice when trying to speedrun.

    Sadly just waiting for it to come out on PC (hopefully). having only ever played number 3 (and 100% finished it) i have to say im pretty excited to play number 1 and 2 as i have heard that number 3 was the easiest one

      Did you 100% finish it or 105% finish it?


        haha i forgot about that. i had collected everything but hadn't gotten platinum (i think??) trophies for everything so i think i was at like 103% or something actually. Maybe i can get the full 105 this time around as i have had many more years of gaming practice.

    Looks amazing, controls just like it used to and by god I forgot how frustrating this game can be. Its a great game to have with friends around playing with you, handing off the controller after each death/level completion. Definitely happy I bought this

    I forgot how bad I was at the original crash, giving it a break and going to finish 2 and 3 before going back. Love the game so much but holy crap why was it so hard.

    I also notice from original screens of crash 1 the planks in high road appear to be smaller this time around.

    Time to get back to dying 50 times and being laughed at by the game over guy.

    The first game is a stupidly hard as it was in the originals, but without the benefit of cheats to cheat past bullshit levels - Hog Wild and Native Fortress being particularly rubbish.

    I was wish they'd add an infinite lives cheat at the very least. Right now I'm resorting to spamming the first level for lives and then disabling auto-save before difficult levels. I've also had to resort to YouTube for tips on tricky sections with stupid solutions.

    Can't wait to finish 1 and move onto 2 and 3 which I never got to play much when I was younger

    I got to the part where I looked to see if it was available on PC, saw it wasn't, and decided I didn't need the nostalgia fix enough to buy a console to play it.

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