Community Review: Splatoon 2

Splatoon fans have had a couple of weekends to grind up and unlock all the weapons now, which makes it a perfect time to look back on how the nation of Inklings has fared.

It goes without saying, but Splatoon 2 is a shining example of why I have zero faith in Nintendo's capacity to jump into the world of esports. There are so many basic elements about online play that make no sense whatsoever. Why do you have to leave a lobby to change your equipped weapon? Why can't you quit a lobby once you've started searching for a game? Why are modes limited to two maps each? What's the point of restricting Salmon Run?

They're decisions that seem completely antiquated, removed from how people play games in 2017. The core idea of the Switch is based around a certain freedom - taking games with you, playing when you want, on your schedule. Splatoon 2 eschews some of that.

But those frustrations aside, there's so much about splatting ink everywhere that is just oodles of fun. It's such a positive, hopeful shooter. Community modes are based around stuff like mayo or tomato sauce. You can still win even if you get splatted several times a game. There's one weapon that is, quite literally, a bucket of paint.

There's really nothing quite like Splatoon.

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Patricia touched on it in her review above, but the singleplayer mode is genuinely really helpful. Each level is really a series of opportunities to experiment and become familiar with the mechanics and weapons. But there's enough little changes from level to level, sector to sector, that you're at least engaged throughout.

Whereas other shooters focus on pure precision, the difference between a headshot and hitting someone in the knees, Splatoon 2 goes the other way. It's an opportunity to coat the screen in colour, an explosion of colour. Don't worry about hitting a single point: just hit everything in sight.

How have you found Splatoon 2 so far?


    The biggest difference I'm feeling so far is that the supers are far less powerful as a carry tool. They're certainly useful, but only really tip the balance for a team-play.

    I also wish the game launched with more maps. I didn't think they were going to pull a "splatoon 1" again since the brand is now so established, but apparently they're pandering heavily to the new players and starting slow.

    Really I'd love for all of the original maps to come back, in addition to new stuff. I want loads of choice!

    Salmon run is fantastic. The saturday setup was brutally hard for people with no experience of the more niche weapons, but when they worked together it was great.

    I saw loads of variety between rounds, some with turrets, night stages, goldie hunts, and grill-a-thons. Good stuff!

    Oh, and the bosses in single player are top notch! I want to talk about one specifically, but any spoilering would be too much. It's fantastic!

      Well, 8 initial maps is better than 5 :P

      Though yeah it does feel like there aren't that many somehow, it's weird.

    How have I found it?
    Pure fun. I run a pretty even win/lose ratio but still have a heap of fun. Had a huge win streak last night which was great. Salmon run is wildly fun and a great distraction from the main game. Single player isn't bad, but it can't hold up to the other two main modes and is a bit neglected. I'm only partway through section 2 on that.

    The ink seems much 'goopier' compared to the first one and it's really satisfying. I love the changes they've made to Moray Towers, the ink line things you can travel on open up a lot more opportunities to storm up the other side. Looking forward to more maps dropping in too.

    I never played #1 even though I bought it for my son for our WiiU because WiiU.
    I love Spla2n though, it's a riot of fun. It's getting even better now that I'm joining in on the Whirlpool Discord channel and can chat with the guys n gals that I'm playing with. This makes salmon run a lot easier also.

    As a first time Bukake Simulator player, i find this game wildly interesting and fun.

    Single player is great though multiplayer is where its at. i dont feel like weapons are overpowered and a lot of the time i feel like i died because i was outplayed rather than straight up being smashed because they had a better weapon than me.

    It is made for the switch though, being able to take it with me wherever i go is awesome. Yay for tethering.

    The music and SFX is really satisfying, i love it.

    I do wish it was easier to communicate with your people in game and at times, i wished i was holding a mouse and keyboard.

      i wished i was holding a mouse and keyboard.Sounds awkward :P

    Love it.

    Have played entirely too much while simultaneously having played not nearly enough.

    It's the kind of game where you keep telling yourself 'just one more game', but can't help yourself.

    Splatoon 2 is objectively better than Splatoon 1, which itself was a great game. I haven't played much of the single player yet, but Salmon Run is so much fun. I agree that it should be provided at all times, and I won't be surprised if that happens in the next month or so.

    I would recommend it to anyone that has a Switch, it is an essential title.

    It's a great pick up and play game, maining roller is cool as it lets the people who can actually aim do their thing while I clean up the mess ;)

    It's a worse version of Splatoon with a couple of new things thrown in to make it feel like it's worth the switch (heh).

    Though of course that hasn't stopped me from playing it endlessly every single day. Send help.

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