Dating Simulator Lets You Netflix And Chill

In Flix and Chill, your goal is to basically Netflix and chill. The game doesn't call it that, of course, but you're still trying to invite people your back to your house to watch movies and have sex.

A screenshot featuring characters Anthony (left) and Kim (right).

The point-and-click game is divided into five different episodes, and while your goal always remains the same, you play as a different person each time. One scenario may take place in a coffee shop, the next at a nightclub, or your own home, each with dialogue options that can impact the story.

She dared me to show her my sexiest dance, so I twerked for her.

The game is relatively short, but there is replay value: You can see what happens when you win, and see what happens when you get rejected. Do different things in each playthrough to see how that affects your results.

In this minigame, you have to press the coloured arrow that corresponds to the colour on the screen. You only get two seconds to do it!

Some of the stories are pretty sweet, like Jasmine and Jake's. It focuses on a couple that just started dating. Jake, a childish goofball, works at an arcade and is despised by his coworkers for being a slob. You play as Jasmine, who is trying to figure out if Jake is worth dating or not. The two of you have a fun night, playing air hockey and other arcade games. You make a bet that whoever wins two out of the three games will get whatever they want. I wound up tying with Jake (because I'm not a total loser), and he politely asked Jasmine to be his girlfriend. Even if Jake is an overgrown manchild, damn it, they were too cute and so happy, so I let Jasmine date him.

But other stories made me uncomfortable. At one point, during an episode starring Anthony, an average dude, and Kim, whose family owns the bar they're dancing at, Anthony comments that Kim has pretty great dance moves "for an Asian girl" — and by the way, this is coming from a dude who dances like a Peanuts character. Kim responds by saying, "Hey, that's racist!" and explains that she has taken dance lessons for 10 years. Somehow, I still ended up with Kim.

Did I also mention that by the time Kim decided to sleep with Anthony, he was so drunk he could barely stand? I guess this was kinda my bad: I made Anthony drink a vodka tonic and a beer when he could have just had water. Although I "won" the level, I didn't end the episode on a positive note. If I was in Kim's position, I would not feel comfortable sleeping with a dude who made racist comments directed at me, and if I was in Anthony's, I don't know if I would be OK with a girl sleeping with me when I'm so drunk I can barely stand. On top of that, the achievement that you get for winning Kim's heart is called "Asian Persuasion". I cringed.

While the mini games are fun, the game as a whole reminds me of everything I hate about dating. It also makes me glad I deleted my Tinder profile.

The game is .99 cents ($1.26) on Steam, and its sequel will be releasing July 18.


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