Destiny 2's Patrols Are Way More Interesting Than Destiny's

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the upcoming shooter Destiny 2 is how developer Bungie is approaching the open world — specifically, how many interesting activities they're sticking into patrol zones.

In a video published that's part of IGN's month-long Destiny 2 trickle, Bungie showed off some of the features that the sequel will bring to the table. The list includes Adventures (side story missions that you can pick up while patrolling), Lost Sectors (hidden areas where you can hunt for treasure), and Flashpoints (weekly activities that ask players to work together to fight secret bosses and find cool stuff).

Patrol zones will also have multiple landing spots and what Bungie is calling World Quests, which are larger versions of Adventures and will tell stories about the areas you're exploring. Here's the full video:

The thought of four big planets that are as dense and full of secrets as the Dreadnaught from The Taken King is very appealing. It's perhaps the most exciting thing about a sequel that has, in every other way, felt like more of the same.


    Spent some time in the beta exploring the area at the start of the strike, which looks to be a section of a patrol area - there's a fair bit of terrain there and a few mysteries - a launch tube puzzle that doesn't seem complete in this build, a "the enemy moves against each other" event, pikes lying around for the borrowing, and a door that looks like the door to the Vault of Glass...

    A few good hints of things to come.

      That door sounds as though it's linked to a treasure map, if the past IGN videos are reliable... Bungie's been fairly tight-lipped on those, so it's up in the air how we get it to open, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's linked to the hobgoblins/minotaurs/man-cannons that randomly spawn nearby... as you say, it feels as though that sequence feels incomplete in this build.

      I hope Lost Sectors turn out to have some mechanics, and not just be a "wander in, kill things, get loot" type affair. All I want is a jumping puzzle, or a maze, or a locked door,
      or some barrier to entry that justifies the idea that no-one's gone inside for a while.

      Regardless, very keen to explore - patrol seems pretty interesting this time around.

    *Destiny 2 patrols are now what you expected them to be in Destiny*

      Lets be fair, they still aren't likely to be even close to what was being sold by the hype machine.

        So we're not going to get a cinematic story with a clear conclusion?

      yeah no, people seem to forget Destiny 1 was a new game for which there wasnt exactly a peer. So many gamers seem to think every game should be launched absolutely flawlessly. Destiny 2 patrols now seem far more in depth thanks the shortcomings and experiences of the first. See the difference?

        No peers? There was like, two decades of MMOs to look at. Hell, all you need to do is to look at World of Warcraft to see that people don't really like grinding. Just look at that grind cave.

          Heck, the game isn't an mmo. It is quite literally just a less cartoon version of Borderlands, without a lot of the interesting humour and quirky guns.

          while it has MMO roots, the implementation isnt even remotely the same. patrols werent supposed to be quests filled zones.

          Grind is entirely subjective. One persons grind is another persons entertainment. They were quite clear that this game would involve grinding, so to complain about it, is to complain about the very type of game it is.

    The beta for this upcoming expansion has been utterly meh. I will absolutely be getting it but if anything Im less hyped now that Ive seen it than I was beforehand.

    Really hoping now Anthem doesnt shit the bed because I have a feeling this wont keep me anywhere near as long as it did when it first came out.

      I missed destiny 1. I played the beta and was pleasantly surprised, I am considering getting it but maybe that's just because I am fresh to it....

      Maybe destiny 1 was just a beta for destiny 2...

        Without question it was a beta.There are great arguments for people who didnt bother with it after an hour and those that put in 1000+ hours. Just wait and see without hopping on any hype trains. We always hope a game turns out to be great but being one of those people so invested they cant acknowledge when its shit is just stupid.

    I am not sure why they had a beta? They have been doing this for now 3 years. We will not see/find any different scenarios or instances. Just more. I paid $1 for the beta key of ebay and well worth it to help make my decision to not pre-order.

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