DOOM Scraps Season Pass, Gives Everyone Free Multiplayer DLC

If you've got DOOM sitting in your Steam library and haven't touched it in a while, get ready for a hefty update - because Bethesda just gave you a whole bunch of DLC for free.

In a blog post on their site, the publisher announced that the season pass for DOOM would be scrapped in the latest. Titled version 6.66 (obviously), the patch makes the three multiplayer DLC packs available to all owners, while introducing a new progression system for the multiplayer.

Customisation options previously unlocked at random whenever a player levelled up, but now players can unlock specific items by focusing on the related challenges for those particular items. Anyone who previously unlocked items through DLC or experience can keep their existing gear, or they can completely reset their progression and experience the system anew if they choose.

The hack module system from multiplayer is gone as well. "Much like the Runes system from the DOOM campaign, multiplayer Runes are now persistent player abilities earned and included in a player loadout," id's Marty Stratton explained. "Unlike the previous Hack Modules, Runes do not need to be activated and do not expire. Runes are persistent capabilities (or perks) that become a consistent and predictable component of your loadout and play style."

The post also noted that the price of DOOM would be dropped to $17.99. That price isn't currently available through Steam or Bethesda's digital store at the time of writing - the store is charging $89.95, while the price on Steam is still $US39.99.

Still, it's nice to see the price brought in line with what retailers have been offering for a little while. And it's neat to see that the work on DOOM was still ongoing, even with Quake Champions and Wolfenstein 2 in the works.

The free update is available from today, with a free weekend running from Friday to Monday across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


    Why did the price on Doom crash anyways? I remember hearing the campaign wasn't very long, but has it listed as ~12hrs average, which seems fine to me. :S

      Long and awesome campaign. One of the best fps in years.

      I got bored with it in about half that time. Got it cheap in a sale, though, so can't complain - got my money's worth even if I didn't finish it.

      Probably because the replay value is fairly limited. It's a great game (2016's best IMHO) and I revisit it a lot, but once you've played the campaigns and unlocked everything, that's pretty much it. SnapMap is kind of cool but desperately needs more content.

        Snapmap needs larger limits (triggers, entities, stuff in general) for it to truly shine.

      It's a great game, for sure, and well worth playing. In my opinion the campaign was a little long, towards the end I started to feel like I'd shot every demon enough times already and kept hoping it would just wrap things up, but still one of the best shooters around at the moment.

    Received a crash and corrupted save file last weekend towards the end of the campaign at the twin Hell Knight boss fight. . Was having a lot of fun with it too, but too many games to play to go back and start again!

    Great single player. I was pretty bummed with the MP experience.

    If you buy a retail copy of the game (from EB, etc) can you get the DLC for free?

      I did. Activated the key in the box with steam. 34.7GB download happening right now...

    I'd passed on it in a few sales for other titles, but after reading this news - checked XBL, and bought it for AUD$20. It's on sale this week on XBL (at least) it appears!

    Look forward to playing it (looks at size of gaming backlog) - in around 2025!

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