Dota 2 Is Getting More Newbie Friendly 

A new update to Dota 2 will try to make sure new players are always matched with nice players.

In a blog post, the Dota 2 team discussed two changes to the newcomer experience. First, all new accounts will be limited to a selection of 20 heroes for their first 25 games, curated for new players. Dota 2 already had a limited heroes mode, so expect some standards like Omniknight, Lich, Dragon Knight and Juggernaut to be part of that lineup.

The other boon for newcomers is that matchmaking will prioritise putting them against players with consistently high behaviour scores, or rather, players who don't rage out in the chat. The Dota 2 team iterates the importance of a positive experience in your first few games, to make learning seem a little less intimidating.

Dota 2 has been gaining new features for a while now aimed at improving gameplay clarity. New item text updates and interface additions have helped with clearing up more murky areas of game knowledge like which abilities can damage through what immunity, or which heroes have buyback up or not.

As someone with over 3000 hours in the game, the onboarding process isn't painless, and likely won't be any less so with these updates. Dota 2 is an infamously impenetrable game, with a lot of mechanics and interactions that can be difficult to wrap your head around. Like a board game, you can read the rules all day, but you're only going to start to get it by playing a lot of games, preferably with friends who won't berate you too much for rushing a Bloodstone on Rubick.

These changes, alongside the return of the newcomer stream for this year's International, are solid strides towards smoothing out the on-ramp for new Dota 2 players. It's still a daunting task, but at these tools combined with some outside help from a friend should make those first 100 hours or so a little less painful.


    Doesn't this encourage flaming and negative chat by then preventing your account from getting paired with newbies?

      If you are willing to go that far to avoid helping new blood then I guess this new system will do wonders as that means you probably shouldn't be playing with newbies?

      Everyone has to start somewhere and it's a great idea in my books. Gets newbies started w/o worrying about the usual toxic behaviour.

    DOTA needs to go down the path of CS:GO with a 'casual' mode, which limits or removes many of the mechanics that the normal game has IMO.

      you mean casual matchmaking - that already exists

        Casual MM is one thing, but I'd like to also see streamlined game systems for casual as well.

    Wish they would input spell range when casting and camera zoom out so previous Wc3 dota to LoL players can return with ease.

    I know it will create advantages but this is one thing that is kind of keeping me away from dota 2.

    I'm a big fan of the game.

    I think one of the issues with the difficult learning curve isn't just the game mechanics, or even knowledge of items/spells etc, it's keeping up with the 'meta', and keeping up with the 'optimal' way to play whichever hero you choose.

    That is why one of the complaints I see online is that the game is too 'rigid'. You basically will get flamed for itemizing or even leveling your hero the 'wrong' way by your team, particularly after you've got a few games under your belt.

    I think one of the suggestions listed above, like a casual game mode, could work? Perhaps where there is no shop/items? Or at least a smaller set of items to buy? I think this is one of the reasons HoTS is a little easier to pick up. It has shorter games, less heroes to choose from, and no need to worry about buying items

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