Dragon Age Cosplay Takes To The Hills

Cosplay by Enayla | Photo by Al Lin

This is Enayla as Dragon Age's Cullen Rutherford. No convention shots here: she figured if you're going to do some Dragon Age cosplay, you'd best find some snowy fantasy landscapes to stand in front of.

Cosplay by Enayla | Photo by kanracakes

Cosplay by Enayla | Photo by Ryan Cooper


    Pretty disappointed at the lack of cosplay post for AVCon in Adelaide that happened on the weekend just gone :(
    It's easily our largest convention here.

    If anyone is interested in looking at a wide range of the cosplay photos from AVCon, check out Hey Monty Photography on Facebook. He was taking photos at the AVCon wall where anyone could jump in line and get a photo taken!

    I'm the giant Aku Aku :)

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