Drop Everything, There’s A New Stargate Series

Drop Everything, There’s A New Stargate Series

Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

Announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con is possibly the best thing ever. To mark the 20th anniversary of Stargate SG-1, MGM is producing Stargate: Origins, a series that goes back to the beginnings of the technology and how everything came to fruition.

According to Variety, Origins will explore the backstory of Catherine Langford. The series will air on MGM’s Stargate Command streaming service, which launches in the autumn, and the Variety story suggests that the service will have “both free and paid elements”.

More details about Stargate: Origins, and MGM’s streaming platform, are expected over the next few weeks.


  • And presumably neither the free or paid elements will be available in Australia. Unless you happen to purchase one of the many VPN services advertised on this website 🙂

  • First episode. The crew of SG:U arrive through the StarGate due to sun flare activity time travel.

    A man can dream dammit!

  • I am SO ready for this. Hopefully, it will be picked up by Netflix for Australia, or Stan or something other than Foxtel. We’ll know soon, right? Autumn in the US is not far off. That’s, September I think?

  • Except it cant be about her because:

    1. Catherine couldnt crack the gate address code until She got Jackson to do it in 90s.
    2. The gate was unearthed in 1928 and shipped to America in 1939. If Catherine was 60 when she recruits Jackson, she would have been born in 1930s. Potentially she is the daughter of the girl and an alien from beyond.
    3. This is NAZIs through the stargate.

    • There was that one episode where Catherine’s partner went through the gate and lived in some dilapidated castle for something like 50 years.

    • InTorment of Tantalus, she had to be about 20-25 because in 1945, the gate was activated and she was seeing Dr. Ernest Littlefield. She is also seen following her father on the dig in Giza during the original movie and appears to be about 8-10.

  • @alexwalker Bad news though, they’re not really episodes, they’re 10 minute webisodes. The whole ‘season’ is only 100 minutes long. I don’t know about you, but reading that really put me off.

    • Mmmmmmmmm. Yeah. That’s a small red flag for me, but I wouldn’t write it off just yet. The Mortal Kombat webseries was fairly short and those were awesome, so if this is produced really well it could still be pretty neat.

      • You got me excited mate and then I read further, crushing my expectations. I just don’t know if I can forgive you for this.

      • I’ll watch it for sure, but I was hoping for a full-sized series. Maybe they’re testing the waters though, see if there’s enough interest.

        • Doctor Who did a similar thing before the reboot over a decade ago, I think. (I’m not a Whovian.) That was an animated series, from memory though.

          • There won’t be another SG series until there’s another movie.

            Joe Flanigan tried to buy/lease the rights to the TV shows once MGM filed for bankruptcy. They got as far as getting an informal agreement to lease the rights for 10 years, but after the bankruptcy proceedings all the guys he had the agreement with had left the company, and the new people in charge of it weren’t interested.

            Apparently they are interested in rebooting the movie rather than more TV shows, since it’s more high profile.


  • a series that goes back to the beginnings of the technology and how everything came to fruition. This line put a blip of excitement on my radar at the prospect of an entire series about the Ancients developing and implementing Stargate technology.

    But seeing that the series appears mainly to cover the human discovery of Stargates and the entire show is being offered as an aperitif to a premium streaming service, yeah, nah, hard pass.

    • You just had to go and say the P word.

      This surely means we’ll be getting yet another “Piracy is evil… Check out this VPN!” advertisement masquerading as an article in the near future.

  • squealed like a kid when i saw the trailer pop up in youtube, cried like a middle aged nerd when i realized it was just a 100min web series, although it could just be testing the waters for more

  • Few things to note.

    1. This is supposedly in line with the TV show.
    2. Its going to retcon shit to a point that will BREAK the movie and TV show.
    3. The OG writers for the original movie are working on a reboot of it… but given this is happening, I don’t know what the go is with that now…
    4. It will tank because they wont let anyone outside the USA watch it… probably.

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