Elf Earphones Sound Interesting 

[Image:  Thanko]

Why use regular earphones when there are elf earphones?

Via Japan's Thanko, these buds are outfitted with pointy elf ear covers. The wired earphones come with a small mic and toggle switch.

They might be good for cosplay or just as a pair of interesting earphones.

[Image: Thanko]

[Image: Thanko]

Priced at 1,980 yen ($US17.40 ($23)), they're currently Japan only and available in one skin tone. Hopefully if they catch on, they come in others.

[Image: Thanko]


    See, I'd actually be asking the opposite question.

    Why use elf earphones when there are regular earphones?

    ah what would the internet do without the weekly weird shit from japan content

    Why use regular earphones when there are elf earphones?So. Many. Reasons.

    must bite tongue and not mention airpods....bite
    bite hard!!!

    It's so simple....I can't believe someone didn't think of this before.

    I can see some streamers using these, since some of them use those cat ears head phones.

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