Even Without Miiverse, Splatoon 2's Lobby Is Still Amazing

One of Splatoon's most memorable features were the Miiverse drawings that players displayed in the lobby. There's no Miiverse social media hub on the Switch, but you can still draw in Splatoon 2. Players are already having having fun with the feature.

Yesterday, the Splatoon 2 Splatfest demo went live on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Splatfest, as many of you already know, asks players to vote between two items, which players then defend on the battlefield. The team with the most match wins and the most votes gets the prize at the end. It's a festive event, where a pair of in-game idols grace everyone with their gurgling tunes. Each idol picks a side, which inevitably means that the lobby lights up with drawings of the pop singers and the voting items. This might just be a demo, but we're already seeing some of these dynamics arise. Right now, the Splatfest is themed around Cake vs Ice Cream, with Pearl and Marina respectively picking their side.

At least one person hasn't accepted Miiverse's death:

Most folks are riffing on the Splatfest or the idols, though:

Image source: Fiftyniner 

Others are just having some general fun:

"Off the hook" is sounding more and more like a PSA to me.

And of course, because you can walk around the lobby, you can also get a better view of everyone's favourite girl:

Or feel horrified at the various NPCs selling their wares:

The first Splatoon 2 Splatfest will start on July 16 at 8:00AM AEST.


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