Experience Jeff Kaplan's Pain By Playing Roadhog

Image: Supplied

With Doomfist finally announced, it makes sense for Jeff Kaplan to make another video. But rather than talking about how Doomfist will change the Overwatch meta, here's Kaplan talking about how you can experience his pain by playing Roadhog.

The video is the latest mashup from YouTuber Dinoflask, where Kaplan's developer updates are cut together and remixed into something infinitely funnier. Highlights include trolls in ranked play being forced to relive Kaplan's Doomfist cosplay by getting punched for 20 hours a day, and abilities on a new Overwatch hero that include giving up hope and failing miserably.

I wonder what Kaplan's kids think of these videos.


    Fantastic! Makes it better by not watching while listening, I found.

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