Final Fantasy 13's Lightning Is Now Selling Nissans In China

[GIF: Nissan | Square Enix]

Last year, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII was moonlighting as a Louis Vuitton model. Now in 2017, she's back with another gig. This time, she's selling cars in China. 

She's joined by Snow Villiers in a somewhat perplexing TV spot. People are wearing VR in Nissans? So they can take car trips with FFXIII characters?

Out of all the Final Fantasy characters, why travel with them?

[GIF: Nissan | Square Enix]

At least the ad coughs up some good GIFs.

[GIF: Nissan | Square Enix]

That are even better in reverse. 


    That's some nice reckless driving! They were really out to scare those pedestrians. They should hand these VR kits out in Taxi's to escape from the reality of almost being in a car wreck.

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