Final Fantasy 9 Had Some Spectacular Backgrounds 

Series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi recently reiterated which Final Fantasy was his favourite. Hint: It was the last one he happened to work directly on. While Final Fantasy 9 isn't at the top of my list, you can't deny it had some really beautiful backgrounds.

[Image via Imagur]

With Sakaguchi playing favourites again, illustrator Kevin Hong took it as an opportunity to remind everyone that there's an entire album on Imgur full of shots of the game's static scenes uploaded a couple of years ago by Dan Tsukasa.

Alright, so maybe FF9 is actually better than I remember.

This is just a small sample. You can check out the rest of them here.


    Went digging for my copy and found Legend of Dragoon underneath it.

    I now have the sudden urge to play that overlooked gem.

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      Dude! Legend of Dragoon. Completely underrated game. Played through it multiple times with my next door neighbour. Their version of "limit breaks" in the form of the dragoon fusion shit was awesome.

        They were great, but it was the story I absolutely loved.

        Pity it never got a re-release here nor a sequel for that matter.

        OMG yes I wish i still had my copy of it

    It really was an amazing game and is my favourite too, just edging out 6/7/8. The production values on everything were just top notch with the stand outs being the quality of the cut scenes and especially the soundtrack.

    I still don't like Quina though - to FFIX what Jar Jar is/was to The Phantom Menace (IMO obviously).

      Not my fave, but an easy second and still a classic in its own right.

      It was a safe return to its roots that didn't rest a second on just copying past success.
      By taking a small step back they were able to take a huge step forward and crafted what could honestly be called a true FF title.

      The thing that will always stand out for me though, was the dark tone of the game that few have matched since.
      The Mage vs Mage cutscene is one of my most haunting gaming moments.

      Oh, and Quina was awesome you dirty Oglop!

      The scene of Alexander's awakening and his subsequent (sadly shortlived) battle against Bahamut was nothing short of impressive. Perhaps the best stuff of its time along with Chrono Cross's intro.

    FF9 as awesome for the lack of emo vibe

      Zidane was indeed a breath of fresh air after Cloud and Squall.

    I loved the depiction of bahamut, last decent bahamut before ff14. back ring dude from 10 and the in betweens including advent children etc just didn't do it for me. Bahamut should be a deadly lithe dragon looking thing

      The only thing better than watching Bahamut destroy everything, was watching him flee from Alexander (unsuccessfully)

    Another great thing that needs to be mentioned about FFIX is Vivi's character arc. It was subtle and moving and intelligent unlike the hamfisted applications of character growth in the previous two games.

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