Final Fantasy’s Creator Picks His Favourite FF

Final Fantasy’s Creator Picks His Favourite FF

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You might have your favourite Final Fantasy. Well, so does series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. He likes Final Fantasy 9 the best.

Sakaguchi has mentioned this before, saying it’s the “closest” to his ideal of what Final Fantasy ought to be. Sakaguchi recently called the game, which he wrote and produced, his favourite when speaking with YouTuber ProZD.

First released in 2000, Final Fantasy IX went on to become, perhaps, the most critically acclaimed of all the FF games.


  • Fucking love FFIX but nothing compares to FFVI. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

    Also only once did I ever use the name Dagger. Renamed that shit right back to Garnet every time after the original playthrough….. and now I need to play FFIX again

    • Haha, yeah. I refuse to name her “Dagger” as well. What a dumb name. (Maybe it sounds better in Japanese…?)

      In my 3 playthoughs I’ve called her “Flower,” “Crystal” and just renamed her “Garnet.”

      • I think that was the point. I mean, how many people would suspect someone like ‘Dagger’ to be the princess while she’s on the run?

  • My favorite is without a doubt XI. Didn’t really get into IX, but each to his own. Overall FF is a fantastic series.

  • If you’d actually done your research instead of just posting a popular tweet (and getting paid for it! Nicely done) you’d realise that ProZD slipped him $100 to say it. It’s a joke video. Which I would think is completely obvious to anyone who bothered to watch the video instead of taking the misleading headline at face value.

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