Game Of Thrones Gets A Shout-Out On Netflix's Castlevania

All Stills: Netflix

Castlevania debuted on Netflix Friday, and it's already been renewed for a second season. The show's gotten a mixed but largely positive response, especially from fans who see it as an animated Game of Thrones. Given that's what the show had in mind, it's no surprise they threw in a GoT Easter egg.

A user on Reddit pointed out a scene in the second episode of Castlevania, where vampire hunter Trevor Belmont is talking to villagers in a town that's plagued by attacks from Dracula and his minions. One of the villagers, who looks to be a blacksmith, boasts quite a unique sword in his collection.

The second sword from the left is clearly Longclaw, the sword Commander Mormont gave Jon Snow in season 1 of Game of Thrones. It's a one-of-a-kind creation — not only because it's Valyrian steel, one of the only things that can kill a White Walker, but also because Mormont had the hilt reshaped from a bear's head into a wolf's to represent Jon Snow's House.

It makes sense that Castlevania would add this nod to Game of Thrones. Producer Adi Shankar did tell Collider that the video game adaptation "has a Game of Thrones vibe to it," combining Medieval design with fantasy and mythology to show us a world that's both familiar and foreign. Plus, Longclaw is cool, and everybody wants one. Let us know if you spot any other iconic blades in the blacksmith's collection. Castlevania is currently on Netflix, and Game of Thrones returns July 16.


    Second episode you say? Don't know if I'll get that far, the English VA is labourious.

      Just put it in Japanese and deal with the subs. As someone that much prefers dubs normally, the show is easy to follow with dubs and the Japanese voices are much better.

      Side note, I hope Adi gets to do more stuff like this again soon.

        Wut? There is Japanese Audio?

        Had to cycle through all the audio tracks before settling on Spanish just to get through the first episode. Odd how different the direction in characters feels between European languages.

      The show is currently only four episodes long with the total running time being approximately 80-90 minutes long. Being so short in length, it didn't feel torturous.

    Sounds like they are returning the favour. the word 'whip' in one of the languages in Game of Thrones is Belmon, named after Castlevania II's Simon Belmont

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