Get A 65" Sony 4K HDR TV For $1800

Image: Sony

It's that time of year when manufacturers are cycling out old TVs for their latest ones. And that means you can get some pretty solid deals on end-of-life models, like this 65" 4K Sony TV with HDR support.

The X7500D is a pretty sizeable screen at 65" and with 4K support. And while the blacks won't be as detailed or vivid as, say, an LG OLED panel or some of the TV's with an IPS panel, Sony's TVs have a better than average track record when it comes to gaming. The 65" X7500D also has a native refresh rate of 100Hz, which is always nice to have.

So if you're looking to upgrade and you want something a bit nicer than a 4K TV from Kogan, JB's $700 discount on the X7500D might be worth looking at. It'll cost you $1798, plus another $59 for delivery.

You can go the click and collect route, although with any piece of tech that weighs over 30kg you're probably best leaving that responsibility with the retailer and their preferred courier. Note that delivery is limited to certain metropolitan and rural areas, so check the regions on the listing first.


    I've heard the blacks on these are pretty pitiful. But that price is hard to pass up. Anyone have some first hand experience?

      I have the X8500D (not exactly the same as the X7500D but the panels are fairly similar in this regard from my research), and the blacks are indeed fairly poor, but since we have it in a moderately lit room it's not at all a problem. If you want to put it in a very dark room, definitely look elsewhere.

    the ozbargain is strong with this one. Good tv but I'll wait a little longer.

    A bit late with my response but thanks for this! This is the second time your articles have helped me know there is a good bargain =)

    Got my 55" 4K Sony last year (thanks to your tip off) and have been very pleased with it and with this deal had to get it for my folks.

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