Get The Shadow Warrior Remake For Free Right Now

Get The Shadow Warrior Remake For Free Right Now

Normally $US49.99, Shadow Warrior: Special Edition is currently at a 100 per cent discount on the Humble Store for the rest of today. So if you’re up for some katana-related shenanigans, now’s the time to strike.

At the time of writing, the deal has about 15 hours left to go. As with the majority of games on the Humble Store, a purchase will give you a Steam key, which you can redeem at your leisure.

The Special Edition is identical to the base game, except for the following goodies:

  • Serious Sam 3 sledgehammer
  • Hotline Miami katana
  • Shadow Warrior digital art book
  • Shadow Warrior official soundtrack

OK, so not the tastiest of extras, but you can’t really complain when the price is zero dollars.

Shadow Warrior: Special Edition [Humble]


  • It’s not really a remake in the truest sense. It’s a completely different game. Just happens to have the same name.

      • Yeah I guess you could say that. In fact, I think the description on steam actually uses that term!
        It’s completely different from the original game, in style, structure and story.

  • This was a pleasant surprise to come across last night.

    Anyone else noticed the uptick in free games offered in 2017 vs 2016? Since the start of the year I’ve nabbed:
    Saints Row 2
    Dungeons 2
    Mount & Blade
    X-COM: UFO Defense
    Rising Storm GOTYE
    Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves
    Shadow Warrior (2013)

    • Yeah it’s been a good year for it for sure! I picked up quite a few good titles. Can’t remember them all, but Far Cry Dragon Blood was among them. Also Assassins Creed 3, one of the Dirt games, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD recently too (though I had that already) and a few others I can’t even recall atm!

    • Same as selling cheap fuel at a servo when they hope you’ll buy a Coke and chips while you’re there.

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