God Is Real, And So Is This Wonderful Statue Of Nightwing’s Butt 

God Is Real, And So Is This Wonderful Statue Of Nightwing’s Butt 
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At last year’s Comic-Con, we brought you the vital news that Japanese statute maker Kotobukiya was planning a new line of “handsome men” statues that would kick off with DC’s Nightwing, a homage to one of — if not the — best butts in comics. Now, a year later, we finally have our first look at the statue, and it’s a delight from top… to bottom. (Not sorry.)

All Images: Germain Lussier/io9

The Nightwing statue is designed by Japanese comic artist Ricken, and kicks off Kotobukiya’s Ikemen — a portmanteau of the Japanese word “iketeru”, meaning “cool” or “exciting”, and the word “men” — line, a male-focused equivalent to the company’s popular bishoujo statues, depicting cheesecake-inspired takes on female pop culture characters. As one of the most iconic male sex icons of superhero comics, Dick Grayson is the perfect character to kick this series off:

Happily, Kotobukiya doesn’t plan on stopping there. They want to do all the current and former Robins, as well as Batman himself. The next figure in the line, due out in 2018, is Jason Todd in his Red Hood outfit:

Can Jason live up to the shapely buttocks of Dick Grayson? No. But good on him and Kotobukiya both for trying!


  • Why do I get the feeling that the tone of this article would be completely different if Nightwing was a girl?

    • I feel this is objectifying the male form. For shame that people would advocate this. You can rape with eyes you know!!!!!

      • Someone get him a cheeseburger. Don’t people know that it’s ok for people to be plus size. This guy here is basically a rake.

        Critically though, I think it it either isn’t Asian enough nor Caucasian enough, it’s riding this odd line between the two and I’m not sure it is better for it.

    • Double standards all the way!

      Disclaimer: I am fine with people objectifying both men and women. Everyone deserves to look at a good butt!

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