Good Morning, Here's 23 Minutes Of Monster Hunter World

Image: Youtube (Capcom UK)

This is the first major chunk of Monster Hunter World in English. It's commentated by a Capcom representative, but it's a great explainer on exactly how Monster Hunter works and you get to hear what the English voiceovers are like as well.

The video is basically a walkthrough of hunting a new monster called an Anjanath, from the initial footprints to the final fight. It goes through the little hub area where you can restock and rearm, the basics of tracking, distracting monsters with sound, multiple fights, getting help from the environment and more.

If you've ever wondered what is Monster Hunter, this is actually a really good little primer as to how the gameplay flows.

Monster Hunter: World is due out on consoles early 2018, with a PC version scheduled for later in the year.


    It looks very different to previous Monster Hunter games, with its one giant map instead of multiple sections. I do wonder how the player will handle more than one giant monster at once if there's no areas to corner them or flee into. Not to mention the glowing flies that show you exactly where to go, what to do, and the BLEEP MEGAMAN! MEGAMAN! lady...

      I hope we can switch to Japanese voices...
      The flies are technically optional if you pick up enough clues about a certain type of monster then the flies will hone in on its location, once locked the flies can track it for you like paint balling did in previous games, certain monsters are harder to track and some armor skills will increase the flies ability.
      A lot of people are worried about this feature but I think due to the scale of map it has been put in to speed up the hunt, it still requires you to put in the work to find foot prints, snot, dung, carcasses etc.
      Monsters now interact and will challenge each other for dominance or flee if they are intimidated so it should be interesting to actually see monster interactions for the first time, instead of previously getting charged by both monster or one leaving the area ,
      They showed how it works in previous play through of Rathalos fighting Anjanath and Great Jagras getting eaten by Anjanath, worst case you can always dung bomb.

      At about 5:10 he's luring the monster with the slinger, it runs past and clearly steps right on him. Now THAT would be a shameful death.

    Nice monsters and great environment but I still can't get my head around ridiculously popular big arse swords in Japanese games.

      Doesn't Monster Hunter have a sword that's also a gun that's also a hammer that's also a cat that's also a two bedroom apartment with ensuite?

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