'Hamburger Straws' Are Japan's Newest Online Meme

For the past week, some people in Japan have been buying McDonald's hamburgers and piercing them with drinking straws.

[Image: im_mmoe | msk__mkichi]

The name of this meme is called "drink x hamburger" (ハンバーガーxドリンク or hanbaagaa x dorinku) or "hamburger straw" (ハンバーガー ストロー or hanbaagaa sutoroo). Everyone isn't doing this (yet!), but there are enough for the trend to be recently covered on 2ch, Japan's biggest online bulletin board, as well as on other popular Japanese blogs.

There's a slight variation on it with people putting McDonald's breakfast food through straws.


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. 世界中で流行っている「ドリンク×ドーナツ」?? ん⁉️ 「ドリンク×ハンバーガー」でした?❣️ マクドナルドのドリンクにハンバーガーを刺すという斬新な発想?? 意外とインスタジェニックな1枚ですね?? これから「ドリンク× ○○」というフォトジェニックな写真が流行りそうですね?✨ * ↓素敵なアカウントはこちら [photo by:@______natsuno] * <<✏️=========================>> UWASAではトレンドをキャッチしたお写真を 厳選してご紹介しています?? 【 @uwasalabo 】 or 【 #uwasalabo 】 をタグ付けであなたの投稿が 紹介されちゃうかも?? 皆さんの素敵なご投稿お待ちしています? <<=========================?>> * #UWASA #uwasalabo #regram #repost #マクドナルド #マック #マクド #MacDonald #ハンバーガー #ドリンク #hamburger #drink #ドーナツ #donut #フォトジェニック #photogenic #ランチ #lunch #ピクニック #picnic #カフェ #cafe #love #instagood #good #instapic #instalike #instagenic #インスタジェニック

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#流行りの #マック らしい(笑)

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It looks like this has spread to at least one person outside Japan.

Maybe it will spread some more. If you think this looks familiar, that's because it's apparently inspired by an earlier doughnut drink trend.

Which explains this fan art.


    im crowdfunding a new international security force that traveled the globe with rolled up news papers that will hit people on the back of the head while saying BAD STOP IT when these memes are discovered..

    with your help we can put an end to these memes

    Shit it's time to represent, someone get me a chock milk a pie and a straw.

    I truly think the japanese do this intentionally to laugh at us westerners when we take them seriously.

    I rate it.
    Especially when I'm driving.
    Well played Japan.

    This is better than most of the idiotic challenges we see around here these days, I approve.

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