Here’s August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup

Here’s August’s PlayStation Plus Lineup

I’m excited to see Just Cause 3 on August’s PS Plus lineup, since I always meant to check it out. There’s also Downwell for the Vita with crossbuy on PS4, bringing my total ways to play Downwell to three, which is not nearly enough.

Remember, these games are only free if you have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

PlayStation 4

  • Just Cause 3
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry

PlayStation 3

  • Super Motherload
  • Snakeball


  • Downwell (crossbuy with PS4)
  • Level 22


    • LOL. It wasn’t that bad, but I know what you mean. It certainly taxes a non-Pro PS4.

      • I didn’t really have any major issues with it on a standard PS4. The occasional slowdown here and there but not bad enough or frequent enough to impact the game to any real degree. I did get it on sale long after launch, so maybe they’d patched it a bit by the time I got it.

  • Just Cause 3 is bloody awesome. Sony seem to have lifted their PS+ game a bit in recent months.

    • Until Dawn this month, Just Cause next? I thought it was a odd occurrence but they do seem to be making a effort with the Ps Plus lineup which to now has been very subpar & one sided with the selection, I love indies but even the indie selections follow a trend, I would love to see Hyper Light Drifter go to Ps Plus as more ppl need to experience that.

      • I actually bought HLD and could not get into it. At all. Don’t know why. Binding of Isaac was another one that everyone raved about but did absolutely nothing for me.

        WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!?! 🙁

  • Super excited for JC3. Held off at the start due to performance issues, but having a PS4Pro and after all the patches, this game is going to be awesome! Just have to finish Horizon, now. 🙂

    Best month in a long time…although I’m still hanging to play Until Dawn.

  • Awe man, we already have Just Cause 3. One of my favourites! So much fun. Not sure what people are talking about with the issues though. Never experienced that. Still, worth a play just to fly around making things explode. And with the movie being announced, probably a good time too!

  • Little peeved I have Just Cause 3 sitting unplayed on my pile of shame and now I get it for free. Curse you PS+ gods!

  • Happy to see Just Cause 3, but I just wanted to show some love to the excellent indie game Downwell which is also free this month, I already have it on android & PC but I’m glad to see more people try it out.

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