Here's Destiny 2's Opening Mission In Full

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

The open beta for Destiny 2 kicks off soon, and everyone who plays will go through the same mission. It's fairly lengthy for an opening sequence, and if you'd like to see what you're in for we played through the whole thing here.

We'll have more from the Destiny 2 beta over the next few days, so drop your Guardian names in the comments so we can say hi! For what it's worth, I'm pretty disappointed with how the Titan feels from the outset - but hopefully that's the sort of thing that Bungie will fix up post-haste from the beta.

For posterity, this gameplay was recorded on a PS4 Pro outputting at 1080p. It'll be interesting to go back and see the difference in quality when the PC beta kicks off next month.


    The crosshair is still in the wrong place. There'd better be an option for that on PC - I know lots console gamers walk around aiming at the floor for some reason so they need the extra vision in the top of the screen but I have actual sane crosshair placement and like being able to see what's near to me on the floor.

    I really hope they increase the recharge speeds because they are deathly so. You barely get one super per game. I am all for good gun battles but I this is almost like they purposely swung the nerf bat really hard on purpose, so we could beg them to speed the game up.

    My only real concern is that they have taken balancing the crucible so much to heart, they have just made every one a carbon copy. Which impacts PVE. Less options=less to balance. Yet the more options you give people the more they can twiddle and tweak and stay around longer. Fingers crossed.

    Psn: navanax87

    I am loving it. If this first mission is an indication to the effort for the full campaign I am pleased!

    The strike was fun, was more fun exploring.

    Crucible is definitely an improvement. Feels more halo lile in terms of gunplay and skill. I really really hope countdown will be a trials mode. I love how heavy power weapons play now. I

    I'm guessing the issue with the slow charging is because we don't have the gear etc.

    I found hunter the weakest of the classes for me when hunter was main in D1. I love the striker change, basically a roaming fist surcharge

      Yeah, spent about 30 mins with a couple of regular fireteam buddies in the first area of the strike, mucking about.

      Couple of fun things...
      Pikes! Vex vs Fallen "enemy moves", and some jump rings activated by killing Vex. Mysterious!

    I was doing the inverted strike with two other guys that I thought were not interested at the begging. So I just mucked about and while waiting for them to catch up. Then they lead me to the extra speeder they got and shenanigans started. So much fun, classic destiny

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