Here’s How Cuphead Is Coming Along

Here’s How Cuphead Is Coming Along

Cuphead is finally coming out later this year. It’s gone through some substantial changes since the game was first announced, however. So if you want to see what the game looks like outside of the boss battles, here’s several minutes of footage.

Cuphead was playable in Australia at EB Expo a few years ago. The main changes between the build there and the latest footage include a broader hub world that players can walk around, the ability to customise weapons, and a shop where players can purchase upgrades and items.

The art style is still outstanding and completely unlike anything else out right now, so all’s good there. There’s also a little more footage from Clueless Gamer, of all places, but it’s a very cringeworthy watch:

Cuphead launches on PC and Xbox One on September 29.


  • Cuphead appears on Clueless Gamer.

    People comment that it only shows boss fights.

    Kotaku writes article showing non-boss fight play.


    EDIT: Actually, I take that back. The only non-boss battle game play shown is a shop and tutorial of the controls?? Come on guys! Show us some proper game play.

  • I don’t know how much this game has changed but when I played it at GDC last year it played just like a simple platformer, a lot of hype for a game that from what I see and play only has aesthetics going for it.

  • im still annoyed that i purchased an XB1 on release day in anticipation for this game… the wait has made me not care anymore.

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