Here's NBA Players Complaining About Their NBA 2K Ratings

Image: 2K/NBA 2K17

You know what's better than a new sports game every year? The part where the athletes get let down by their in-game ratings. Every. Year.

NBA players in particular never fail to voice their disappointment, and NBA 2K18 joyfully delivers. The developers do the right thing by, y'know, trying to balance the game, but that's never quite enough for the real world athletes with which they're based off.

So every year, we get the wonderful joy that is multi-million dollar superstars getting briefly dejected when they learn an avatar created in their likeness isn't as godlike as they'd prefer.

Kyrie Irving's reaction (at the end of the first video) is great, especially the way he responds.

Take it away, Youtube.

It's a shame D'Angelo Russell's reaction was cut off, because he would have been gutted. Bloke's lucky his rating was 80 at all, to be honest.


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