Here's The Cheapest Copies Of Splatoon 2

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Splatoon 2 was one of the pillars for the Switch when Nintendo announced the hybrid console, and by the end of this week it'll finally be out. So if you want to get your Splat on, here's where you can find the cheapest copies in Australia.

JB Hi-Fi: $69

Fairly standard, as far as JB and Switch games go.

Mighty Ape: $75

If you have stock issues and don't want to buy digitally, this works.

The Gamesmen: $68

Nice competitive offering from The Gamesmen, this.

Ozgameshop: $64.99

Decent enough price, but it'll cost you an extra $5 if you want to get the game in 5-6 working days minimum.

Amazon: $76.64

Basically the same price if you want the cartridge, but I think most would opt for the code from Amazon. Advantage here is in being able to get the code as soon as the game drops, but you might as well pre-order from the eShop.

Nintendo eShop: $79.95

What you'd expect.

EB Games: $79.95

No surprise here.

Play-Asia: $79.52

Not worth it compared to the eShop price.

Target: $64

This price comes courtesy of Vooks.

Big W: $64

Update: Big W will come in at $64 on launch, mirroring Target.

Kogan/Dick Smith Online: SOLD OUT

A price wasn't available at the time of writing, but when more stock comes in I'll update the price.

Splatoon 2 launches digitally and in stores this Friday.


    One of the few games I'll always want to have on hand. Have to go digital.

    But the physical copy has a sweet reversible cover.


      Would a snazzy Switch case be an option? While I've never used a case for any of my previous Nintendo handhelds, I'd imagine myself getting one simply due to the Switch's slightly more delicate design when I do make the purchase. That and there's some pretty awesome designs out there.

        It's a pretty well made product. I've not opted for a case and it belongs to my 7 year old son. So far between him, myself and his 4 year old sister it's literally like brand new. Had it since launch.

        My problem with this game is, if I buy it I'm pretty much saying I'm paying for the online subscription when it's due. Splatoon without the online wouldn't be great.

    And heres the Nintendo Dilemma.

    Pretty interested in this game, nothing else to play on the Switch... but its going to be $80 to download and will stay at full retail until 2021....

    I could buy two or three year-old triple A Xbox/PS4 games from for that, so i either buy it right now for full retail or im never getting it.

    Ill probably pass. I wont play it at home on my own, none of my friends will play it and being a multiplayer shooter its not going to travel well (particulalry on flights!).

      Not to pick a fight, but it seems you're actually not that interested in the game (given your last sentence), which is entirely fine. And yes, you could probably purchase two, 1 year old games on the other two platforms. How is any of this Nintendo's problem, or dilemma as you put it?

      Please don't make it out as if Nintendo is somehow pricing themselves out of the market when the example you're using applies to any newly released game, regardless of platform. That is an entirely personal preference problem, and nothing to do with Nintendo (at least not in the way you seem to be making it out to be).

      Last edited 17/07/17 2:19 pm

        Go to the shop right now and have a look what a 3 year old first party Ninendo game costs.

        Its full retail. Its always full retail. Which is why you either buy their gamrs at launch or not at all.

        When its something like this that im on the fence about, in a years time itll be $70 and ill have to choose between it and two other games on a different platform for the same price.

          I've found it's because Nintendo retain their value. The other consoles aren't going to try and charge full RRP when they have newer versions available for the same price (think FIFA, Battlefield, CoD, etc.) Nintendo simply don't have that issue.

        I'm interested in the game but I agree with @foggy. Nintendo makes it a choice between buying at a high price or not buying at all. Most other platforms you can choose to buy later or buy lower quality components (PC) in order to get some sort of buy-in at a price you can afford.

        It's not a problem for Nintento per se, but I could see Nintendo's hardware having a MUCH larger user base if it allowed normal discounting and bundling on software by retailers.

          This pretty much only applies to multiplayer games, but if you don't but them at launch anyway, there's a chance by the time it gets to a price you think is acceptable that there is no one playing anymore. Not that that will be the case with Splatoon, obviously, but it is an annoying trade off.
          Nintendo games are almost the only games I buy full price now just because I know they likely won't change in price. I don't think this is a bad thing, I just buy less games which is good, because if steam sales have taught me anything, it's that I can buy a tonne of cheap games and never play them just because they're cheap. There's so much to play that I'm never buying a game just for something to play, I'm buying it because I want to play it now.

    These comparisons should really include a shipping range estimation as well. A lot of the 'cheaper' prices actually end up being the same price as others, if you factor free 'click & collect' with Target, JB & EB.

    Going digital because I like the most minor of conveniences over my money apparently ;)

      Digital is so convenient; but the premium price and lack of resale ruins it for me.

    Only reason I want a switch is for this but I cannot justify it unfortunately. Splat one will do me for a while longer I guess.

      You know it's only a matter of time......

    I would get this, except I have Final Fantasy XII remake, Cryptark, Tides of Torment: Numenera, Sexy Brutale and Nier Automata to get through. Also, I'm probably rubbish at it anyway and I'd rather not inflict myself on a team. Looks good though, really. Colourful, inventive, and there's nothing else I'd get for the Switch.

    I've decided to get this digitally as well. I was playing the last one heaps and always jumped on for splatfests. Have the money loaded up (bought the cards a bit cheaper) and ready to download when I get home.

    Now just need my thumb to heal.

      I think I may do the same when I get a switch. Splatoon was my most played wiiU game by far!

    Costco sells all of their full priced switch games for 65 AUD.

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