Here's The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

Image: Blade Runner 2049

Featuring gigantic holograms, bugs, sand and more of Robin Wright than we'd previously seen, here's the latest Blade Runner 2049 trailer.

Jared Leto still looks sus as hell, and there are plenty of details to pick apart if you're savvy and want to go through the trailer frame by frame. It's a couple of minutes long, and it shows off things we hadn't seen previously: we now know that Dave Bautista is a replicant, and Leto has confirmed that he's trying to build a force of replicants.

"Replicants are the future, but I can only build so many," Wallace (that's the name of Leto's character), says ominously.

Blade Runner 2049 hits local cinemas on October 5. I'll go watch it, and Windows 10 willing I might find some time to try and replay the original game as well.


    all this new-wave sci-fi like ghost ITM and this is A OK with me

    I get the feeling from this that the trailer is misrepresenting the final film and that it won't be as generically action orientated as they make out, but be a slower atmospheric noir detective story as is befitting the original and the directing style of ‎Denis Villeneuve.

    At least I'm praying that's the case!

      I hope so too!

      However, that was a fantastic trailer nonetheless. That glorious synth soundtrack good.

        Yeah, it reminds me of the Vangelis original, which I've been listening to while playing Elite. Nice!

    Just announced Atari's new console at 2:08 in the clip :p

    New trailer - Still don't have any urge to see it.

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