How People Are Cooling Down The Nintendo Switch 

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The Switch's hardware already gets hot and is bound to do more so whenever the temperature rises. Here's how folks have been trying to cool down their Switches.

Note: these are not recommendations!

An Opolar laptop cooler has been shoved onto a Switch.

All the necessary parts, it seems.

The end result.

A small fan seems like the safest (and easiest) option.

Or a bigger fan. While the one below requires more work:

Genius. According to Twitter user Rekka01, this drops the temperature from 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit while in TV Mode.

Yeah, don't do this. Please. Seriously. Don't.

Cooling down the Switch on an ice pillow. Not sure that's a good idea, either.

Here's a Japanese language walkthrough for how to do the above Opolar laptop cooler mod.


    Pointless. The switch survived brisbane in march without turning into a puddle.

    And a drop from 105f to 97 is negligable in the world of computing. 40C is like, half of the operating ceiling for this stuff.

    I've had QLD summers kill a number of pieces of electronics in my house but I'm not the least bit concerned about the Switch, it's running a great deal cooler by itself than most of the tech in the house.

    Never add cooling to consoles. The reason for that is;

    1. If there's a exceeding temperature flaw, it's better if the unit fails on its own and the manufacturer is made aware of the flaw. (Think good ole Xbox 360 during launch)

    2. You're covered by a 1 year warranty from Nintendo + god knows how many years of Australian consumer law, so any damage the unit causes on its own is paid for.

      Remember that aftermarket cooler that melted to the back of the 360 instead of cooling it? Ah, good times

      Downside though currently is that saved data is stored on the switch alone :(

    Is overheating seriously an issue? I've played mine since launch night and given it a good run for its money and never felt any heat from it. My phone is hotter right now from scrolling Kotaku for 5 mins than I've ever felt my switch get.

      There are reports of them "curving" slightly while being played in dock-mode for a long duration. The casing's natural tension overcomes the hardness of the plastic at a decent temperature.

        If that's true and wide spread, that's a rather significant design flaw 🤔. Mine spends most of its time in handheld mode so maybe that alleviates the problem.

    My Nintendo Switch I've had for months is where my Switch likes to sit on a bookshelf in my room with a TV that's where my Switch like to sit in my room where it's cool during Summer and warmer in Winter but cooling a Nintendo Switch down with an ice pack I don't think that's such a good idea and a laptop cooler not so much I think it's better you just sit it in your room on the Switch dock so it won't overheat that way you won't get any sunlight on your Switch even if the temperature does rise above freezing or drops below freezing.

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