How To Find Zelda: Breath Of The Wild's New DLC Items

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Breath of the Wild's first big downloadable content dropped yesterday, and it is full of cool items to find. If you're too important and busy to hunt them down yourself, don't worry. This guide will help you look like the best dressed adventurer in all of Hyrule.

When you load up the DLC, a disembodied voice will send you on a quest towards a hidden journal with many hints that will lead you on a treasure hunt to find the gear. If that's too much work and you want a relaxing tour of Hyrule and all the item locations, you can check out the video above. Otherwise, here's where to find all the new loot:

Korok Mask

This is a bit tricky to find and I do recommend looking at our video. From the entrance to the Lost Woods, follow the torches until you reach a pair of two torches in the centre. From here, turn left and walk through this grove of trees:

Don't worry about being off the beaten path here. If the fog closes in, just turn around quickly and adjust your path. Eventually, you will find a hollowed out tree with a chest that looks like this:

Run inside and grab your new mask. It's pretty useful and will shake on your face if any Koroks are nearby, which is perfect if you want to collect all of their bullshit.

Majora's Mask

To find Majora's Mask, look slightly north of the Great Plateau and near Lake Kolomo. Here, you'll find the garrison ruins. The mask is tucked in a little corner:

Midna's Helmet

To locate Midna's Helmet, look a bit west of Hyrule Field to find the Sage Temple Ruins. It's a bit waterlogged and you might have to deal with lizalfos, but if you run around near the river depths, you'll find a pile of ruins with a rusty broadsword and shield. The chest is right there:

Phantom Armour

This is the first piece of a set that will raise your attack. Head right towards the centre of Hyrule Field and rush to the Sacred Ground Ruins while being careful of the Guardians. If they show up, just kick their asses by deflecting their lasers with your shield. At the ruins, look for a fallen pillar and pull of the chest you find for your first piece of the armour set:

Phantom Greaves

In the lower southwest side of Hyrule Field, you'll find the Hyrule Garrison Ruins. In a collapsed house near the outskirts, you'll find a defeated Guardian with a treasure chest below it. Use magnesis to pop the chest right up and open it for your next piece of the Phantom armour set:

Phantom Helmet

The last piece of the Phantom set in in the Coliseum Ruins. Head right through the front entrance and be careful of the lynel. Turn right and run along the wall to find a chest containing the helm:

Travel Medallion

This one is pretty easy to find but a bit hard to reach. Look towards the Akkala sea at the north of the map and head to the Lomei Labyrinth. Make your way through to the shrine and fall down a hole into a room packed with Guardians. Blow them up and head directly to the north end of the room to find the chest with the medallion:

Once you have it, it will be in your key items slot within your inventory. You can use it from there to place a teleport mark in the game world that you can warp back to at any time. Perfect for getting back to a hard to reach region if you can't find a shrine to warp to.

Tingle's Shirt

If you're eager to get your Kooloo Limpah on, you can start by heading to the Castle Town Prison on the island to the west of Hyrule Castle. Be careful of Guardians and look around for a chest buried deep in the ground. Yank it out to grab the first set of this fabulous armour:

Tingle's Tights

In southeast Hyrule Field, search about the Made Village Ruins until you find a chest underneath a broken Guardian. Open it up and you'll find Tingle's Tights, which show off your killer thighs and such:

Tingle's Hood

The final piece of DLC gear in southwest Hyrule Field within the Exchange Ruins. Search for a pile of rubble with a well buried chest to finish off your fairy ensemble and run off into the night with a set bonus that grants extra speed.

And there you are! Now you have all the gear and can brag to your friends on social media about how the real Legend of Zelda is you.


    All this random shit shall be mine. Mwuhahahahaha........

    Nabbed it all and have done the beginning of Trial of the Sword.

    Master Mode soon...

    As soon as you boot it up after the update, you get hints on where to look, so it's far better to start to searching yourself.

    I haven't got the Breath of the Wild $30 DLC Expansion Pass for Master of the Trials yet but sometime probably in the next couple of weeks or so I might get the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass Master of the Trials DLC pack for $30 and with The Champions Ballad DLC pack arriving in the Holiday season later this year I can't wait to play as one of those four Hyrule Champions and that's Goron Champion Daruk and Rito Champion Revali so I think I'll get Master of the Trials first then when The Champions Ballad DLC pack comes out later this year then I'll get The Champions Ballad DLC pack and play as Daruk and Revali.


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