In Japan, Nintendo Announces New Nintendo 3DS Production Has Ended

[Image: Nintendo]

The official Japanese site for the New Nintendo 3DS clearly states that production of the handheld is over.

The text in the little box reads 生産終了 (seisan shuuryou) or "production ended." This does not only pertain to the pictured model.

[Image: Nintendo]

If you click on the Line Up (ラインナップ) tab, it states すべて生産終了しました (subete seisan shuuryou shimashita) or "Production of all (line-up models) is finished." This includes the two colour variations, white and black, as well as all the special editions.

No such notice is made on the New Nintendo 3DS XL's page, so for the time being, the larger version will continue being made for Japan.

In the past, Nintendo has often made official announces about hardware production ending in similar notices. Last fall, for example, this is how it announced Wii U production was over.

No word yet if this impacts the handheld outside Japan. Kotaku reached out to Nintendo for comment prior to publication, but has yet to hear back.

The New Nintendo 3DS was first released in Japan on October 11, 2014 in the regular-sized version and the larger XL one.



      Can't wait to play Acitvision's Mario FPS on xbox

      Calm down, there are still about 14 different variants of the 3DS still being manufactured.

        Pretty sure that the user was just having a dig at how Nintendo haters evaluate every single bit of news regarding the company.

          ...just as I was having a laugh about how many different SKUs Nintendo has released for the DS family.


    Woo, hoping it all moves over to the Switch, there are some great 3DS games that could find a home there.

      Except the Switch only has one screen...

        I meant more in that 3DS only series may end up on the Switch. Mario and Luigi RPG style games etc.

      Some games may be released on both systems (in the same way that Zero Escape VLR and other games got both a 3DS and a Vita version) but I'd expect those to be fairly rare. More likely the stream of releases for 3DS will slow down to a trickle as Switch sales grow. Once Switch install base reaches critical mass you'll see a lot more titles coming out on it. Judging from PS Vita sales, Switch will need to reach 2-3 million in Japan for this to happen.

    Makes sense, the New 3DS standard model has been selling pretty poorly in Japan (On average less than 1K per week) while the XL is still the 3rd best selling console on average. (After Switch and PS4 normal) The New 2DS is also most likely being positioned as the replacement model.

      Expect stores carrying stock of face plates to start liquidating!

        Counting on it.

    So this is the end of the production line for the New Nintendo 3DS in Japan hey? Well good at least we'll get some Nintendo 3DS games onto to the Nintendo Switch because I hope it won't be the same production ending for the Nintendo Switch because now what we should be looking forward is new release games coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year and some Nintendo Switch games that are coming out next year even though they are currently in development.

      The new clamshell 2DS will take over instead. I don't know any people that use the 3d funtion of the 3DS personally and there are a number of the owned by family and friends.

      The only reason they are discontinuing this is because not only the XL model is much more successful, but because they expect that the New 2DS will also be much more successful.

    Yeah the 3DS isn't going anywhere, there's still lots of new titles coming to the system at least for this year. This is just one specific model.

    We won't be getting 3DS-esque games on the Switch. Not as big releases atleast. The 3DS's games just wouldn't be viable on a home console. Think about it, the graphics would need to upgrade to current standard which means bigger budgets. It'd destroy any hope for any of those experimental games because the company just wouldn't be able to afford the risk. Not to mention, Handheld games are designed differently that console games. They are designed for different kinds of players and play sessions.

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