James Bond’s Moonraker, Remade In Planet Coaster

James Bond’s Moonraker, Remade In Planet Coaster

The scale of what people are creating in Planet Coaster is incredible.

Latest testament to people’s imagination, and/or insanity: Moonraker. It’s a recreation of the classic James Bond film, but as a theme park ride. And the ride doesn’t just cover one aspect of Moonraker, or highlight the rocket. It runs through the whole film, with NPCs riding through the rivers of Venice, research facilities, the Amazon jungle, before witnessing a Moonraker shuttle take off and then joining proceedings in space and through one of the space stations.

Thanks to an update rolled out by the developers, users can add their own custom music and sounds to tracks as well. So throughout the ride, you’ll hear soundbites from Roger Moore and the movie, as well as bits of the Moonraker soundtrack.

The Steam Workshop listing says that the ride took 84 hours to make, spread out over six weeks. It’s an impressive effort, but it’s not the only insane creation bhamilto1x has made. They turned Blade Runner into a Planet Coaster experience, and this TRON Legacy ride goes through all of the movie’s scenes and has enough effects to make medium-end machines choke.

I quipped last year that people would create some incredible things with Planet Coaster before too long, and this Moonraker ride is an absolute cracker. Being able to have custom sounds and music really adds to the experience as well. Hell, it makes me wish I was back in Osaka, enjoying that Evangelion 4D ride.

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