KFC Opens A Healthy New Restaurant In China 

This is K Pro. It recently opened in Hangzhou, China, and it's the first KFC salad spin-off restaurant of its kind.

[Image: Sohu]

According to That's Mag, it serves fresh smoked salmon, prawns, salads and sandwiches with grilled, not fried, chicken. 

Via Sohu and WX Wenku, here is a look inside. (You can see more here and here.)

[Image: WX Wenku]

[Image: WX Wenku]

[Image: Sohu]

[Image: Sohu]

It isn't totally healthy, as you can still order things such as soft serve ice cream, french fries and beer. And if you really want fried chicken, you can order a spicy wing as a "snack" on the menu.

Thank goodness for that!


    If I'm walking into a KFC, it's because I want some greasy, salty, unhealthy, fried food fast and for cheap. And it's okay to want that sometimes! There'll always be a market for that kind of food and there's nothing wrong with eating it every now and then when the mood strikes you. But if I want a salad I'm spending my money somewhere else. No matter how hard they try, well-known fast food corporations are never going to successfully remodel their image as a good (or even sane) option if your priority is healthy eating.

    Plus I can guarantee you all the 'healthy' salads and sandwiches come with sauces and garnishes that contain about a trillion calories per serving.

    I personally do not eat "junk" food that often at all and try to focus on home cooked, simple and whole meals focusing on meat, vegetables and rice... make my own lunches, dinners etc. but in all honesty, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going out maybe once a fortnight, and digging into the worst possible meal you can sink your teeth into, e.g. KFC. You're absolutely right, there is nothing wrong with doing this.

    The problem is when people go to places like KFC multiple times per week, or everyday. Not only is that gonna be bad for your gut, but your wallet, too.

    Healthy restaurants can be cool, but I find it strange that a franchise like KFC is attempting to rebrand itself as "healthy", to satisfy the rise of healthy eating. In a way, it is a good thing, but at the same time it is kinda weird and obvious.

    Some healthy restaurants suck. For "healthy" options, they become so damn expensive and sometimes, they're food is as dull as a plain white wall. I went to a Nutrition Station with a friend of mine once, I ordered grilled chicken, rice and vegetables and that's exactly what I got... plain grilled chicken, plain brown rice and plain baked vegetables. No seasoning, not even a little bit of sauce, nothing. Twenty two bucks. Never again.

    Like Troubletcat said above, this healthy KFC joint probably isn't that healthy. Their salads are probably packing a lot of dressings/sauces that would most likely contain way too much sugar/carbohydrates/fats and overall calories. Sure, take away said dressings, but then you'll probably have an over priced salad in front of you. If you want to suffer that much, just buy a pre-packaged salad at Coles.

    I can't help think of that part in Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age when a Chinese judge consults with the "ancient authorities."

    The House of the Venerable and Inscrutable Colonel was what they called it when they were speaking Chinese. Venerable because of his goatee, white as the dogwood blossom, a badge of unimpeachable credibility in Confucian eyes. Inscrutable because he had gone to his grave without divulging the Secret of the Eleven Herbs and Spices. It had been the first fast-food franchise established on the Bund, many decades earlier.

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