Kogan Has A 75-Inch 4K TV For $1999

Kogan Has A 75-Inch 4K TV For $1999
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They say size matters – and when it comes to TVs, that adage definitely holds true. If 65 inches just isn’t cutting it anymore, Kogan has an offer that’s well worth checking out.

For a limited time, you can get its gargantuan 75-inch 4K LED TV for just $1999. That’s like, 25 bucks an inch! Here are the details.

If you want a truly massive TV for your lounge room but don’t have tons of cash to splash around, the Kogan 75” 4K LED TV (Series 8 KU8000) is a pretty tempting offer. You’re getting one of the largest Ultra HD TVs on the market for a pittance of the usual price.

Of course, offers that seem too good to be true usually are, so let’s take a look at the all-important specs:

Resolution 3840 x 2160
Refresh rate 120Hz
Luminance 280cd/m²
Contrast ratio 5000:1
Response time 6ms
Audio Output Power 2 x 10W
Built-in HD Tuner Yes
PVR Yes (via USB storage)
HDMI ports x4
Pixel/dot pitch 0.2482(H) x 0.2482(V)
Dimensions (with stand) 1683 x 344 x 1028mm
Weight (with stand) 49.8kg

These specifications are slightly better than some of the other Kogan models we’ve looked at. The screen comes from the same factory that produces Samsung’s 4K panels. You can therefore expect the picture quality to be similar to a last-generation Samsung TV.

So that’s a 5000:1 contrast ratio, 60Hz refresh rate, 280cd/m² maximum brightness and 6 millisecond response time. Clearly, this TV isn’t going to appease hardcore videophiles — but if you’re looking for the largest screen possible for the least amount of money, you’re unlikely to find a better option than this.

The Kogan 75” 4K LED TV is currently available for pre-order at the aforementioned introductory price. It will ship on 25 August.



  • Couldn’t find the 75″ manual, but the 55″ manual (apparently the sizes are just a different SKU) has no mention of anything like a “game mode” that would disable post-processing to speed up how behind the picture is from the source (this is different to refresh rate). Cheap TVs are notorious for skipping this, trying to make the picture look as pretty as possible for the price. The closest I could find was putting the HDMI into “PC mode”, which might do the trick, but it doesn’t say what the mode actually does.

    Anyway, maybe you should’ve researched this before advertising this on a gaming blog.

  • Tired of the Kogan/Aldi “get a giant TV for $5” It’s the same every time. Look for a review on the this TV, there will be pages and pages of things wrong with it.

    • Kogan don’t make the panels so they are usually by someone like LG but the rest of it that supports that can be rubbish.

      • God! that just makes it worse ! !

        I’m a big LG fan because my LG DVD player is 15 years old and runs flawless. My LG TV is about 6 years old and flawless. In fact everything I own that is LG is still going. So to put a quality panel in a TV and then ruin it with a whole bunch of nasty, cheap other components and Kogans number 1 offender – Software, is just frustrating.

  • What’s a good refresh rate for gaming? I don’t know much about tvs but the most important feature for me would be no input lag when playing games (aside from the picture being good of course)
    Any advice?

    • Refresh rate and lag are different, so make sure you are researching the right things.
      It can refresh the image 10000 times a second but still be 2 seconds of lag for your inputs.

  • If you live in the beautiful state of Tasmania, they won’t ship this here due to size. I think the limit is 65 inch.

      • We have bought some at work, I think as big as they would ship here. Just wanted a big screen to display stuff on. I personally wouldn’t buy one for home use, at least not as my primary one. And I wouldn’t pay that amount of money for the cheaper secondary one in the bedroom either.

  • Bought a kogan, died after 2 years, never again. The other big thing is the real magic is the proprietary processors, software, firmware etc, you dont get any of that so you have a lovely panel but nothing good driving it. It’s like having a Ferrari with a corrola engine, empty happiness in the end.

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