Look At This Mercy Figure

Good Smile Company now has a third Overwatch Nendoroid to go along with those cute lil' Meis and Tracers: this very smug Mercy.

Look At This Little Mei Action Figure

Good Smile Company's Tracer Nendoroid now has some company. this Mei figure, who is cute as a forzen lil' button.

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It's out in January 2018, and will cost around $US50 ($66).

The little healing beam is a nice touch.


    I can only assume there is a Genji statue just out of frame holding a cardboard sign with 'NEED HEALING!' written on it.

      But he's actually 500m out of frame expecting to get healing over the only tank.

    I am simultaneously glad and not glad these weren't released while I was in Japan in January.

    Should be able to get it cheaper buying from a Japanese retailer rather than off Blizzard or GSC directly.

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