Look At This PS4 Controller

Look At This PS4 Controller

Reader Devin Smith, no stranger to amazing custom controller designs, returns with this God of War piece that has everything you’d expect, down to the paint and leather.

Fallout Controller Looks Like It Survived The Apocalypse

Devin Smith runs End of Line Design, a lil' company that makes very custom, very fancy video game controllers. His latest work is this Fallout-inspired piece that goes way beyond just changing the paint scheme.

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Notice how the runes on the back light up to take the place of the DualShock 4’s regular illumination, which is nice. As is that leather flap, which actually covers the touchpad instead of replacing it: to use the pad, you flip it up like a book cover.

You can see more of Devin’s custom controller work at his site.


  • Thank god that’s a leather flap over the touchpad, or else that would’ve been the most pointless controller ever. Than again, it’s not like Sony does anything with it anyway.

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