Man Pays $58,000 To Look Like Final Fantasy 8's Squall Leonhart

Amirul Rizwan Musa, a 21 year-old entrepreneur from Malaysia, has spent RM200,000 ($AU58,567) on cosmetic surgery to look like Squall Leonheart, minus the scar. Can you see the resemblance?

[Image: miyyo_rizone | Square Enix]

Known online as Miyyo RizOne, Amirul works as a model and runs his own cosmetics company. Recently his photos have gone viral online in Malaysia, where he's even been featured in the paper.

Amirul has also been covered by English language sites like AsiaOne, NextShark, SoraNews and South China Morning Post. In an interview with Malaysian paper Harian Metro, he said that after his photos went viral, there was the inevitable criticism.

"I have received numerous calls and messages continuously from the public who just aim to curse me," he told Harian Metro (via AsiaOne). "Worse still, there are those who came to see me face-to-face just to insult me." That's not very nice!

Amirul 's before and after photos. [via Harian Metro]

A bad case of chicken pox from when he was 16 left marks all over his face, which he said hurt his self-esteem. According to Amirul (via SCMP), "I was obsessed with anime characters and I felt ashamed that I looked the way I did back then so I decided to undergo plastic surgery to boost my confidence."


    So he wanted to look Caucasian? Because he looks nothing like Squall and that is a little depressing.

    It's ironic that he was actually better looking BEFORE the surgery...

      I was thinking the same thing, dude was a handsome chap.

    I can't understand this and I honestly think it's weird, but at the end of the day, as long as he's happy and not hurting anyone.

    What a waste of money. And that chin, it's not right.

    Cosmetic Surgeons Office, man talks on the phone - "Honey, tell the builder to put a new floor on the house, another idiot who wants to look like a cartoon character just walked in the door".

    The real focus of this story should be the hash tags under his photo. Who does that?

    Length aside there a some bizarre tags including #m #malaysiaboy #instalavista #funky #photooftheday #instagood
    Am I missing something that links all of these things together? It certainly isn't the picture.

      That's standard fare for getting more exposure on Instagram. Each of those tags has an audience and thus greater chance to see the photo.

    I guess him wanting to fix up the marks the chicken pox caused to his face is fair enough however he probably shouldn't have admitted to wanting to look like my boy Squall. Looks nothing like the fella.

    I suppose on the flip side, if he has a child with a Caucasian partner he can pretend to be outraged when the child is half Asian.

    That chin really worries me. I'm not a plastic surgeon but taking that much off his chin and making it so pointy seems like it would really weaken the bone structure. I mean it looks one good punch away from being ruined for life.
    And the colour of his face now, does he just bleach the rest of his body to match?

    Looks more like miley

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