Man Stabbed Seven Times During Magic: The Gathering Game

31-year-old Elijia Dale Creech has been arrested by police in Minnesota following a fight over a game of Magic: The Gathering, in which his 20 year-old opponent was stabbed seven times in the face and neck. 

As the local Fox outlet reports, a disagreement that began during the late-night game last Friday quickly escalated "and led to Creech hitting the man in the face with a rubber mallet and stabbing him seven times."

The victim was rushed to hospital with "substantial injuries" that are not thought to be life-threatening.

Creech is now in custody facing charges of first and second degree assault.


    I guess he's "gathered" a substantial number of charges.
    I guess the next land he'll be using is the.... Jail-land
    I guess he'll need to be a "Wizard" to escape conviction?

      Look, it's harder than it seems, alright.

      Elijia had tramp, his opponent's defence was useless.

      I mean, there is literally a card called Stab Wound.

    This is what happens when you play Lantern Control in Modern.

    Player 2 does 7 points directly to Player 1's life total, but sacrifices his library and the game...

    Holy smokes!

    I wonder what it was that made him snap.

      The realization that he sucks really bad at the game, is my guess....

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