Medical Malpractice Simulator Now Lets You Kill Trump, Hitler And Jesus

Image: Bio Inc: Redemption

And give them syphilis!

Until now, your patients in Bio Inc: Redemption have been faceless husks. You could treat or mistreat them as you saw fit with little reason for guilt. Respiratory system failure with a side order of explosive diarrhea was all within your power. Probably accompanied by a maniacal laugh.

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Now you can take it a step further.

A few cheeky celebrity Easter Eggs have been added to the game, so if you name your patient after the likes of Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un or Jesus, their faces will appear.

Image: Bio Inc: Redemption

Some of the other political celebs you can murder (or save, if that's your thing) include Vladimir Putin, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, Hitler, and Kim Jong Un.

Other updates include an unprotected sex roulette and a new sandbox mode which will become a level editor in the future. Ever wanted to see Hitler get chlamydia - now you can!

Bio Inc: Redemption is in Early Access over on Steam.

Happy murdering!


    I heard, Barrack Vladimir Putin wasn't even born in America!

    Yes, but can we fit Trump with bionic implants so he lives forever?

    What about Allah? Can we kill Allah?

    • This comment is not available. This comment is not available. This comment is not available. This comment is not available.

      This comment is not available.

        By that logic they would not have included Trump or Jesus because it offends all those precious trump supporters and conservatives.

          I see you're still butt hurt that Hitlary Clinton lost the election

            And this is the point where I jump in say chill out everyone. (you know, as a preventative measure)

    i discovered the trump easter egg in the game.. during my first play through :D

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